Mindset with horses

mindset Oct 30, 2023

How is your mindset when it comes to your horse...good or bad, positive or negative? 

Are you aware of your own thought patterns and how they affect your time with your horse? 

Did you know that you are actually in control of your own thoughts and feelings, even the really negative ones, and with some daily work you can massively improve your mindset! 

Old outdated thoughts and 'programming' can be changed, to free you up so you can enjoy being with your horse every single...

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Dealing with overwhelm with horses

mindset Jul 31, 2023

Horses can be massively overwhelming...especially if we are going through rehab or an issue or changing what we're doing in terms of training or exercise (change on its own can be difficult!). 

And a lot of what we experience during overwhelm can be down to our mindset and the thoughts that run through our heads, unfiltered. 

Last week in both my equine training and my online business support groups we were working on mindset and motivation, so I wanted to write a blog about it too,...

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