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Please feel free to contact me to discuss your horses injuries or problems, or any element of treatment or rehabilitation in more detail if required. You can email via the box below. 

Please note I am usually busy treating horses during the daytime, so I will get back to you as soon as I get chance! 

Email / text message are the best ways to contact me! 


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Book a FREE 30 minute Equine Owner Support coaching call with me

If you are a horse owner who is currently experiencing: fear, anxiety, overwhelm in your life, and lack of time/motivation, disappointment or frustration around your horse activities, and it’s all impacting your relationship with your horse, then I have something you don’t want to miss…you can now book a FREE 30 minute Equine Owner Support coaching call with me, to…:

  • Discover what's really in the way of having a calm, relaxed partnership with your horse.¬†
  • Learn the proven mindset and energy shifts that will unlock trust and connection with your horse.
  • Gain clarity on exactly what will create the deeper, more ‚Äėin tune‚Äô and trusted connection with your horse, that means you can tackle anything together‚Ķ and your next right steps to make that your reality.

No more overwhelm, overthinking, catastrophizing, frustration or disappointment with your horse. Move on from struggle and stress, into a calm, relaxed partnership together.

CLICK BELOW to access my calendar and book a FREE 30 minute 'Equine Owner Support' coaching call on zoom, to discuss your current situation and the coaching packages available. 

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