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Book an appointment with me to assess and treat your horse. I am a qualified and experienced McTimoney Corley Spinal Manipulation Therapist, an Equine Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist. I work alongside your vet for injuries.Ā 

I cover Staffordshire and some parts of Derbyshire and Cheshire.

Please contact me to discuss your horse!Ā 




Equine Owners Support Coaching CallĀ Ā 

If you are a horse owner who is currently experiencing: fear, anxiety, overwhelm in your life, and lack of time/motivation, disappointment or frustration around your horse activities, and itā€™s all impacting your relationship with your horse, then I have something you donā€™t want to missā€¦you can now book a FREE 30 minute Equine Owner Support coaching call with me, toā€¦:

  • Discover what's really in the way of having a calm, relaxed partnership with your horse.
  • Learn the proven mindset and energy shifts that will unlock trust and connection with your horse.
  • Gain clarity on exactly what will create the deeper, more ā€˜in tuneā€™ and trusted connection with your horse, that means you can tackle anything togetherā€¦ and your next right steps to make that your reality.
  • No more overwhelm, overthinking, catastrophizing, frustration or disappointment with your horse.
  • Move on from struggle and stress, into a calm, relaxed partnership together.

CLICK BELOW to access my calendar and book a FREE 30 minute 'Equine Owner Support' coaching call on zoom, to discuss your current situation and the coaching packages available.




Online Rehab ConsultationsĀ 

Book a 1 hour online consultation with me on zoom, where we will spend dedicated time setting you up for success with your horse, by discussing your rehab plans, your fears, your mindset, whatever you need help with to move through rehab with your horse smoothly and successfully, in this 121 session.Ā 




121 Equestrian Mindset CoachingĀ 

I am a qualified Mindset Coach in addition to my Equine Physio & Rehab work.Ā 

Join me for a 1 hour deep dive into your mindset, let's discover together what's holding you back with your horse, and put a plan together to move forward to a positive place!




GroupĀ Coaching Programme

I am a qualified Mindset Coach in addition to my Equine Physio & Rehab work, and I combine my skills inĀ thisĀ unique Group Coaching Programme.

Join my Equine Connection Mastery Programme to improve your mindset and energy in relation to your connection with your horse!Ā 

Available as group coaching or on a 121 basis.


Hi Iā€™m Jenny Adamson!


...and just 5 years ago, I was stuck with my horse Azuro, looking for solutions to the problem we had, which was the devastating diagnosis of ā€˜kissing spineā€™. Going through this as a horse owner was completely different to working with clients horses. I felt alone, stuck, miserable, stressed, couldnā€™t see a way forward with him, had no idea when I would be able to ride my beautiful and talented horse again.

I decided to try out lots of new/different methods of working his body, to unlock the long term compensation patterns, and ultimately found what WORKS to successfully rehab and retrain sore, stuck bodies AND rehab the horses mind back to the positive too!

My 12 years experience in Equine Physio, Rehab, Training and Spinal Manipulation Therapy, AND my Mindset Coaching expertise, along with my personal experiences, give me a rather unique way of looking at horses, rehabilitation and training. I KNOW what needs to happen for horses to bloom and flourish physically, emotionally and mentally.

AND as part of this, the horse owner is 50% of the equation! So my extensive Mindset and Energy Training has been key to unlocking trust and confidence between horse and owner.

I have developed various ways that we can work together, to deeply support the partnership between you and your horse... please click the links above, or send me an email below.

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