• Kissing Spine Rehab & Prevention

  • Equine Connection Workshop 



FREE Kissing Spine Rehab & Prevention Webinar 

45 minute online webinar, that you can access at anytime! 

In this Free Training I bring together my 12 years professional experience in Equine Spinal Therapy, Physio & Rehab and my specialisation in kissing spine, to help you understand...

✅ The key shifts you need to make within training/rehab to UNLOCK your horses body and get them FULLY FUNCTIONING after kissing spine diagnosis

✅ Learn my tips and strategies to get through kissing spine rehab smoothly and successfully

✅ The missing pieces of the jigsaw for most horses with kissing spine

✅ Get CLARITY on how to move forward with your horse with kissing spine, and getting back towards riding and fun times




Equine Connection Workshop 

'Master the art of unlocking trust & connection with your horse': FREE 1 hour online training. 

In this Free Training I bring together my 12 years professional experience in Equine Spinal Therapy, Physio & Rehab AND my Mindset Coaching expertise to help you...

✅ Understand and overcome the real blocks in the way of your connection with your horse

✅ Learn the SECRETS to create relaxation in your horse, so that you feel more connected and confident about riding again

✅ Improve the communication, genuine trust, partnership, and enjoyment between you and your horse


Hi I’m Jenny Adamson!


...and just 5 years ago, I was stuck with my horse Azuro, looking for solutions to the problem we had, which was the devastating diagnosis of ‘kissing spine’. Going through this as a horse owner was completely different to working with clients horses. I felt alone, stuck, miserable, stressed, couldn’t see a way forward with him, had no idea when I would be able to ride my beautiful and talented horse again.

I decided to try out lots of new/different methods of working his body, to unlock the long term compensation patterns, and ultimately found what WORKS to successfully rehab and retrain sore, stuck bodies AND rehab the horses mind back to the positive too!

My 12 years experience in Equine Physio, Rehab, Training and Spinal Manipulation Therapy, AND my Mindset Coaching expertise, along with my personal experiences, give me a rather unique way of looking at horses, rehabilitation and training. I KNOW what needs to happen for horses to bloom and flourish physically, emotionally and mentally. 

AND as part of this, the horse owner is 50% of the equation! So my extensive Mindset and Energy Training has been key to unlocking trust and confidence between horse and owner. 

In these FREE Training, I will explain some of the key considerations for you and your horse during rehab or any other type of difficult, whether you are interested in the Kissing Spine Webinar or the Equine Connection Webinar. 

I hope the trainings are helpful, and look forward to hearing from you if you would like further support.