For frustrated horse owners seeking more joy and connection with their equine companions.

UNLOCK the secrets to enhance your bond and make every day with your horse the ‘best day EVER’, no matter the circumstances!


To release the frustration surrounding your interactions with your horse, break free from overthinking, conquer feelings of overwhelm, fear, and stagnation, and step into a confident space where you can genuinely enjoy your time with your horse again?EVEN if you are going through rehab currently or feel stuck in the ‘endless cycle of rehab’?


Learn how to master your energy & mindset in just 6 weeks, so that you can clear away the negativity, and get back to actually enjoying riding / spending time with your horse again?  


Your horse can sense your energy, feelings and potentially your thoughts, so working at this level on your energy & mindset will create massive shifts in your connection and communication with your horse!

...experiencing daily joy with your horse again, feeling like the luckiest horse owner in any situation. Forge a deeper connection, reignite the joy of riding and horse ownership, and gain clarity about the future through specific mindset practices.





Inside this programme you'll learn...

...The skills, strategies and tools that professional riders and equestrians have to retrain your brain, and create a positive mindset so you can feel and be motivated, and excited to spend time with your horse every day, PLUS what I teach you inside you’ll learn how to apply to all areas of your life too! Professional athletes including equestrians undertake the exact type of mindset work I will be teaching you and supporting you with inside, with their coaches to improve their performance, and now you can too!!

I’m going to show you exactly HOW inside this easy to access 6 week transformational programme


Some days you are motivated, and have a GREAT ride on your horse and are buzzing for the rest of the day! Other days it feels like the biggest challenge to tack up, never mind actually getting on and riding…

You know you should keep taking steps towards your goals with your horse, but often don’t know how to move through the overwhelming and negative overthinking patterns that hold you back?

You know you need to be practising with your horse if things are ever going to get any better, but you’re feeling fearful, stuck, overwhelmed, lacking confidence, filled with negative thoughts and feelings, and it’s all holding you back?

And it seems like your horse is picking up on all of this…switched off, not co-operating, disconnected from you? You’re not currently trusting your horse OR YOURSELF, and it’s showing up in difficult engagements and lack of forward progress, OR WORSE…difficult behaviour, can’t catch your horse, they don’t want to be with you…it can feel heartbreaking.




Start enjoying your horse again, get back to riding and fun activities, feeling motivated, positive about the future, and EXCITED to be with your horse! 


Just Imagine...


Imagine being able to enjoy every day with your horse, without rushing, feelings of overwhelm, fear or stress getting in the way?

How would it feel to be in closer connection with your horse, so you’re working together in a relaxed, confident partnership? And can you imagine how it would feel to experience the “best ride EVER” feeling every single day?!


How that would positively affect your mood, your life, your work, your relationships EVERY DAY?!

Well I promise you that’s possible and that’s what I will help you to have!


My 6 week Equine Connection


Group Coaching Programme



Using my 12 years professional experience in Equine Physio, Rehab, Spinal Therapy and Training, my 40 years experience of horse ownership, my 20 years experience in personal development, and my mindset coaching qualification and experience, I’m going to teach you everything I know about how to retrain your mindset to get more enjoyment and fun from the time you spend with your horse.


Using my transformational coaching pillars of


I will show you the theory of mindset work and retraining your brain, AND how to implement it, in just a few minutes everyday to achieve lasting results!

We are 50% of the equation with our horses...

...so when we are in negative thought spirals, catastrophising, in overwhelm, anxious, distracted, and in a negative mind chatter with/about our horse, guess what happens…yep, you guessed it, there’s a strong possibility of things not going well.

On the other hand, if we are in a positive state of mind, grounded, optimistic, confident, looking for and finding the positives in every moment, and therefore ENJOYING every interaction with our horse, the whole scenario is MUCH LIGHTER! And your horse will feel this and react to this shift in you! It then becomes fun, encouraging, we feel relaxed, confident and motivated to actually get back to riding and choosing to enjoy our horses! It’s like lifting a huge weight off our shoulders!

By the end of this 6 week mindset programme, you will be able to shift into this positive and confident state of mind quickly and easily, and your horse will respond by relaxing in your company!



The secrets to create an open channel of TRUST, relaxation and clear communication with your horse!


How to get control of your thoughts so you can step into REAL positivity and deeper CONNECTION with your horse!


How to gain CLARITY…clear the overwhelm around TIME and MOTIVATION (yes these ARE mindset issues!!) making the whole thing effortless and enjoyable!


How to create a lighter, more positive frame of mind, so that you can enjoy EVERY interaction and CONNECTION with your horse!! No disappointment, frustration or negative thoughts creeping in…we are going to blast through all of that so that you YES YOU can step into positivity EASILY!


The simple techniques to create a gratitude practice around your horse…how and why…to retrain your brain to the positives!


How to bring it all together to literally raise your vibration and allow in a whole new, more intimate connection with your horse where you deeply TRUST each other!



  • Me supporting you inside 6 weeks of intimate group coaching combining my skills as a qualified coach, and 12 years as an Equine Physio, Rehab, and Spinal Therapist
  • _____________________________
  • Intimate group, so that you get my individual attention
  • _____________________________
  • Easy to access training
  • _____________________________
  • Pre recorded 30 minute training video each week with easy to action steps, that you can fit into your day
  • _____________________________
  • 1 hour LIVE and interactive Q&A session on zoom each week (also will be recorded)
  • _____________________________
  • Opportunities to ask questions
  • _____________________________
  • Opportunities to jump into the “hot seat” on the call for live coaching
  • _____________________________
  • Facebook group for chat in between sessions
  • _____________________________
  • Build a personalised mindset practice for long lasting results!

Hi I’m Jenny Adamson!


I have been working professionally with horses as an Equine Physio, Rehab Specialist, Spinal Therapist and Trainer for 12 years, including running 2 rehabilitation yards. Prior to that I had a successful career in IT recruitment for 20 years, running my own business ultimately! I have studied and applied mindset improvement techniques for a long time, have undertaken various types of personal development over the last 20 years, and more recently formalised this with a Mindset Coaching certification where I learnt even more about applying these techniques for long lasting results, and I’m bringing it all to you in this UNIQUE programme for horse owners!! Horse ownership has its ups and downs, and I’ve discovered that our MINDSET is HUGE and affects day to day interactions with our horses, and forward progress, and that any difficulties with them can weigh on us like a ton of bricks, and this negatively affects our whole day and work, and our relationships in our life, as we are preoccupied and overthinking.

My methods of reframing the disappointment of rehab, breaking down the rehab process into positive steps, how to look for the improvements every day in your horse, and finding ways to create positivity in every session FOR YOU AND YOUR HORSE is my super power, and I’m going to show you just how powerful this can be for you too. When you step into a more positive thinking state of mind, your horse feels this shift and can become more grounded, more relaxed, and more in tune with you and the exercise / training session. It’s like creating the space for them to be their very best good boy / girl ! And believe me THIS MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE to working with your horse, particularly as you go through rehab. I’m looking forward to teaching you all about mindset, how to become more motivated, to plan and prioritise your time with your horse, make shifts in your mindset, and to step into confidence, so that you can get back to feeling excited about your horse plans, and enjoy your time and activities with your horse - all by applying some simple yet super effective daily strategies.

Your Questions Answered

Step out of frustration, overwhelm and negative thought patterns, and into a new, more calm, confident and motivated version of yourself so that you can bring your best version to your horse, which will improve your connection, create better results, and allow you to fully enjoy your time together again!


Here’s what Karen and Sarah had to say about the differences with their horses following their Mindset sessions with me …

Karen & Misty

Firstly everyday I can’t wait to see Misty’s reactions when I spend more quality quiet time with her. They did take a few days to get going but I persevered. Our relationship has become more touchy feely on her part and she’s quite happy to stand with me and nod off at the gate instead of heading off to eat. She copies my loud breathing after a while. I might be wrong but she seems more at ease generally. I went to a new group clinic these last two weeks in an 60x40 school and she was pretty relaxed rather than wanting to go Zoomies when we go up the gears. She did rest her head on my folded arms for a few seconds which was lovely. I also feel more relaxed and confident riding her so I guess we may be rubbing off each other.


I'm a member of Jenny's online group and had the opportunity for a mindset 121 session with her. It was just super - Jenny is so positive and inspiring with a fantastic understanding of both improving mindset and dealing with the issues our horses have. I came away from the session with a different outlook, focussing on what I can do with my horse, rather than what I can't. This has made a real difference to DJ and I and I can't recommend her enough.

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