'Kissing Spine': resources page 

Welcome to my Kissing Spine resources page. Below I have listed all of the ways in which I can help you with your horses that have been diagnosed with Kissing Spine. 

How I can help you ...

I'm Jenny Adamson, I'm an Equine Vet Physiotherapist and a Spinal Manipulation Therapist, and this is me and my horse Azuro. I have been working professionally with horses for 10 years, and specialise in back pain in horses and injury rehabilitation. I have worked extensively with horses with 'Kissing Spine', rehabilitating them post surgery/treatment, and managing them long term with their owners. 

I have also been through Kissing Spine surgery with Azuro, so fully understand what you are going through as an owner. I successfully rehabilitated him, not without some issues along the way, and he is back to normal work and happy! 

So I have found the techniques that work in Kissing Spine rehabilitation, and have found what is needed to successfully rehabilitate this condition. 

I have developed Ebooks and online training to address this difficult part of horse ownership. I have also set up a private Facebook group where I do regular live talks to talk through practical ways to help your horses. 

Let me help you by imparting my knowledge, gained over years of experience...

EBOOK: Kissing Spine - Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies

My 58 page ebook will explain all you need to know to understand this condition, and rehabilitate your horse. 

  • What is kissing spine: anatomy, explanation, how horses get 'kissing spine', common signs and treatment
  • Rehabilitation: groundwork, in-hand work, stretches, mobilisations, pole work, ridden exercises
  • Long term management, and GOALS for rehabilitation
  • 4 EBOOK BUNDLE also available

FREE Posture Webinar

  • 35 minute 'on demand' webinar on: Posture, Core Strength & Crookedness in the horse. 
  • Click button below to go to webinar registration page, register with your email address, and you will be able to watch the webinar with 15 minutes. 
  • Learn why your horse struggles with certain exercises or movements, or struggles with life in the domesticated setting, and find out how you can help him/her! 

Online Learning Platform: The Members Enclosure

My Online Learning Platform is where you can access all of my training videos in one place! 

This is a low cost monthly training membership. On joining you will get immediate access to the Online Learning Platform, which is hosted on my website, and is a growing library of training modules, that you can work through at your own pace, there is training on core strengthening exercises, groundwork, core training aids, kissing spine, nutrition, and LOTS MORE with a new training module every month! 

You also get access to my VIP members group on Facebook, where there are 3 live talks per month, including Q&A sessions. This is a full package of learning, with training lessons and videos, live talks, and a friendly supportive members group for chat, support and motivation! 


Facebook page

Follow my Facebook page for my regular articles, tips, news and posts...I am passionate about teaching horse owners how to transform their horses posture through correct training and core strength, so my articles and tips normally relate to this! 

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Facebook group 

Please come over and join my Facebook group 'Practical tips for your horse, from an Equine Physiotherapist' ...here I will be doing regular live talks around the topics that I teach. 

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Have you seen my BLOG? I have written lots of articles, with new ones being added regularly, including a number relating to Kissing Spine. 

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Engage Your Horses Core: online training course

Improve your horses posture by training him to engage his core! You will learn the KEY exercises required in Kissing Spine rehabilitation, in a simple to learn and implement format. 

Postural correction: what this is and how to do it 

Core Activation: which exercises to do, why and how, and how to correct cheating from the horse! 

In hand exercises: which ones, why and how 

Core training aids: my recommendations as a physio, and how to fit and use them 

PLUS access to the 'Engage Your Horses Core' members group!


Groundwork: Foundation Exercises: online training course

In addition to Core Strengthening work, another useful way to improve your horses posture is In-Hand exercise. 

This online training course will explain about natural crookedness in the horse, why this is such an issue, and HOW to do some foundation exercises.

Your horse will become more symmetrical and flexible by doing this training on a regular basis, and is an excellent addition to the core strength work. 


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