Welcome to my Arcequine page! I am a Brand Ambassador for Arcequine, I have been using the technology successfully for years in my equine rehabilitation business, as well as recommending the unit to clients going through injury rehabilitation with their horses. 


Use alongside vet treatment for injuries 

The Arcequine is not a substitute for veterinary care. Discuss the use of the Arcequine with your vet for the ongoing care of your horse. 

The Arcequine can be used really successfully during the injury rehabilitation process to assist the body's natural repair processes. 

Use to maintain injuries after vet treatment 

The Arcequine can be used in the later stages of rehabilitation, and on an ongoing basis for the long term management of musculoskeletal conditions. 

Bone, tendons and ligaments all have lengthy healing processes, and the Arcequine can help as a daily tool that you can use for the long term. 

Use for senior horses 

Arcequine can help to manage joint pain, reduce inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, and help to manage any old injuries with our senior horses. 

There is also a level of pain relief when using the Arcequine, so used daily it can help to keep senior horses comfortable, well, and able to exercise. 

Again use alongside veterinary care. 

What is the Arcequine? 

Arcequine is a Microcurrent unit, which supports and aids the body's own natural healing processes. It helps to reduce inflammation, which is a component of all injuries, and optimises the body's natural repair processes. This give the best possible outcome for injuries, by helping the body to optimally repair any injured structure. 

What can the Arcequine be used for? 

  • Soft tissue injuries: ligament and tendon injuries 
  • Joint pain/injury: osteoarthritis
  • Wound healing 
  • General stiffness 
  • Post surgery 

I have used the Arcequine for years, on my own horse and horses coming in to my yard for rehabilitation. I have seen improvements in soft tissue injuries such as suspensory ligament injuries and tendon injuries, wounds, arthritis, stiffness levels, post surgery, sarcoids, as well as horses being more relaxed whilst wearing the Arcequine, and a cumulative relaxing effect for horses on box rest. I quite often see them dosing if stabled while wearing it!

6 week programme 

The best way to use the Arcequine is to use their 6 week programme, whether treating an injury alongside veterinary intervention/treatment, or using as a maintenance tool. 

Week 1 - programme 1.

Weeks 2 and 3 - programme 2.

Weeks 4, 5 and 6 - programme 3. 

Your unit will come with an instruction booklet with more detailed ongoing programmes. 

I recommend using the 6 week programme as routine at least once a year, and always after any musculoskeletal injury, alongside veterinary care. 


To order a unit, go directly to the Arcequine website by clicking the button below, and use my discount code JA8LYE at checkout, this will give you a £20 discount!! 

Once you have received your Arcequine unit using my code, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on how to use it!