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Learn how to confidently train and manage your horse, to become the best version of themselves!

I'm an Equine Physiotherapist AND horse owner (!) and I'm going to help and support you every step of the way through your journey to improve your horse...with monthly training and access to my friendly members group! 

Access the growing library of training modules and videos on topics such as core strength, groundwork, posture, exercising your horse correctly, training your horse to work over the back, improving your partnership AND MUCH MORE! 

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The Members Enclosure is the online learning platform for horse owners: an ongoing monthly training membership where you will learn about all of the ways that you can improve your horses movement, way of going, and wellness, starting with the foundations: learning about his body! 

There are so many pieces to the puzzle of horse management and exercise, and I will help you understand your horse better, including why he struggles with certain things, and then help you learn about all of the ways that you can help improve your horse, and support you in your learning in how to train and manage your horse - correctly! 

I'm Jenny Adamson, thank you for visiting 'The Members Enclosure' page! Over the last 10 years as an Equine Physiotherapist & Spinal Manipulation Therapist, I have helped thousands of horse owners get the best from their horses, and improve their partnership, and now with this ongoing training membership I'm going to show you how you can do the same! 

I know how hard it is, trying to find ways to train your horse yourself! I have been where you are, and have spent YEARS trying out different types of training, exercise, and management strategies, and working out what ACTUALLY WORKS to train your horse to work correctly. 

And it's actually a combination of everything that I have learnt, in my career as an Equine Physiotherapist as well as a horse owner, that I will be teaching...posture, correct movement, symmetry, core engagement, groundwork, riding, your relationship with your horse, your energy, it's all part of the journey with your horse! 

But when the pieces are all in place, your horse will move with ease, comfortably, will be easy to ride and exercise, and you will be in harmony with each other...this is what we are all looking for isn't it - a TRUE PARTNERSHIP?

I am passionate about teaching my knowledge and helping support horse owners to move through difficulties and bring the best out of their horse and their partnership! 


  • You want to train your horse yourself?
  • You want to improve your partnership with your horse? 
  • You want to improve your horses way of going so that he is more comfortable and flexible so that riding is more enjoyable and easier?
  • You want to mingle with more like-minded horse owners?
  • You want to learn more about different training strategies and exercises that WORK to improve your horse?
  • You want to be part of a supportive, friendly, positive training group?
  • You want to find ways to work with your horse that FEELS right? 
  • You want to learn more about how you affect your horse, and the subtle changes that you can make to improve your communication with them? 
  • You want to improve your riding?
  • You want to keep up to date with equine science and new developments, have the information simplified, and understand how to apply it yourself to your horse? 


The training will be delivered in manageable lessons, on a monthly basis, with how-to videos, and  downloads to take to the yard with you! 

You will learn all about...

  • Your horses body: why your horse struggles with certain movements in his body
  • How to train your horse yourself! 
  • Posture & core engagement 
  • Crookedness in the horse 
  • How to train your horse to work over his back 
  • Groundwork 
  • Your relationship with your horse 
  • Mindset & confidence 
  • Talking your horses language 
  • Your energy and your horses energy 
  • Grounding yourself 
  • Working with breath 
  • Weight Loss 
  • Nutrition 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Ridden exercises 
  • and MUCH MUCH more! 

Monthly content

Monthly presentation 

Monthly live talk

Monthly download (video, ebook, worksheet) to accompany content (some with practical tasks!)

Live Q&A's 

Facebook group

Private members group 'The Members Enclosure' on Facebook; get to know the other members, ask questions at any time, and post your successes with your horse! 

Additional professionals

Additional live talks with associated professionals in the equine world


Rider Pilates


Presentation of new equine research

Additional presentations.

The practical application of new equine science research, as it becomes available 


  • On joining you get instant access to the Online Learning Platform, which is a growing library of training modules.
  • Work through at your own pace, or watch the ones you are interested in.
  • Join the members group on Facebook for the live talks and meet the other members!
  • NO CONTRACT - this is a rolling membership, you can leave at anytime. (If you leave and rejoin, the price may have increased - if you stay in the membership, your joining price is your 'price for life' for as long as you stay a member!)
  • NEW training module EVERY MONTH! 
  • Additional bonus talks including goal setting and Ask Jenny session!

Join The Members Enclosure! 

Join up to The Members Enclosure, the ongoing monthly training membership, for monthly training content, live Q&A's, motivation and support, a community of like minded horse owners, and some fun along the way! 


What you will get: 

I am passionate about helping horse owners to get the best out of your horses by making positive changes to your management and exercises routines to help your horse! 

My aim with setting up this membership is to support you as a horse owner in your quest for knowledge to improve your horse, by providing: 

  • Foundational talks on your horses posture, crookedness, and the back & core 
  • Valuable practical training each month in an easy to learn format (no overwhelm!)
  • A community of like minded horse owners! 
  • Motivation and support! 
  • New things to try out with your horse! 
  • Downloads to take to the yard!
  • Live talks with me monthly to delve further into the content
  • Live Q&A's with me each month to answer all of your questions on the monthly content! 
  • Support and motivation in the members group


  • Additional talks with associated professionals
  • Updates on new equine science research as it is published: simplified presentation of the practical application of new research to help your horse! 


  • The Vault! All of my past live talks from in one place! 
  • 'Carrot Stretches' Ebook: my 5 stretches in 5 minutes Ebook is available for immediate download! 
  • Cheat sheet: Mistakes when trying to engage your horses core! 


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