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Engage your horses core: my foundation course 

Transform your horses posture with my simple 4 step system! 

My 4 step system that anyone can learn, taken at your own pace through a secure login to my website, and with a private membership group to support you through the training! 


- Postural correction: why this is important, and HOW to do it 

- Stretches: which ones to use and HOW

- In hand exercises: why they are so useful and HOW to do them properly 

- Core training aids: my recommendations as a physiotherapist 

From this...

Hollow posture, weak in core and back. High head carriage. 

To this...

Strong in back and core! And much improved posture! 

And ultimately this...!

Working consistently in correct posture, lifted in core and back! 

This transformation is through my CORE ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME! 

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