Welcome to my Training page!

Here you will find all of my online training courses, which you will get instant access to! 

My courses will give you the tools and confidence to make training your horse straight forward, knowing you are improving his body strength and posture correctly with the right exercises and sympathetic training methods! 

NEW ONLINE COURSE: In Hand Exercise for your horse

Join my BRAND NEW online training course, and learn how to teach your horse In Hand Exercises! 

Step by step approach, from Foundation Exercises, to Lateral Exercises, in a simple to learn format! 

*Foundation Exercises

*Shoulder Exercises

*Hindquarter Exercises

*Lateral Exercises! 

PLUS you can join the In Hand Members Group (optional) for ongoing help and support!

Transform your horses posture, core strength, flexibility and symmetry, through this sympathetic, corrective work! 


Core Exercises for your horse: NEW Online Course

This online course will teach you about Posture, why this is important, and how to improve your horses posture through core strength. 


Core Mobilisation Exercises: detailed lesson and video showing you HOW to do the exercises 

Core Activation Exercises: detailed lesson and video showing you HOW to do the exercises 

***These are the exercises that I use, recommend and teach, I highly recommend them as they make so much difference to your horses body! 


MEMBERSHIP OPTION: Members group and Online Learning Platform access 

If you would like ongoing help and support, my members group is a monthly membership where you get access to my Online Learning Platform and my private members training group on Facebook. 

New monthly training every month, plus instant access to all of my training modules, lessons and videos within the membership! See below!

Online Learning Platform

The Members Enclosure: horse owners online learning platform and members group! 

An ongoing monthly training group where you will learn about all of the ways that you can improve your horses posture, core strength and movement! 

  • Your horses body: why your horse struggles with certain movements in his body
  • How to train your horse yourself! 
  • Posture & core engagement 
  • Crookedness in the horse 
  • How to train your horse to work over his back 
  • Groundwork 
  • Your relationship with your horse 
  • Mindset & confidence 
  • Talking your horses language 

New training bundle each month with live talks and Q&A's! 

Instant access to the growing library of training modules on the Online Learning Platform, and access to my friendly, supportive members group for lives talks and Q&A sessions. 



If you have any questions about any of the training, please contact me through the form below and I will get back to you to guide you on which training would suit your needs...Jenny x