5 Day FREE Online Training Event on Posture & Crookedness in the horse: 6-10th June. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!


I'm Jenny Adamson, I'm an Equine  Physiotherapist & Spinal Manipulation Therapist.

I help horses owners to rehabilitate and train their horses, with treatment, innovative product solutions, education and online training. 

5 Day FREE Online Training Event! 6-10th June at 7pm each evening! 

Join me for this live training on Posture, Core Strength & Crookedness in the horse - these are really important topics to learn about our horses, and once you understand WHY they have certain issues within exercise, you will look at them through new eyes! 

You will learn WHY horses suffer with back pain and injuries, WHY they are crooked, HOW to assess your horses posture and crookedness pattern, and then WHAT TO DO to help your horse! 


NEW Online Course

Core Exercises for your horse

  • Train your horse to do simple core exercises, to improve his posture, core strength, symmetry, flexibility and movement. 
  • This online course will explain all about your horses posture, why this is so important to consider, and how we can address poor posture and back pain in the horse, in a simplified yet super effective way.
  • You will learn the 2 sets of exercises that I use, recommend and teach: Core Mobilisation & Core Activation Exercises.
  • Over time, these exercises can transform your horses posture, core strength, flexibility and symmetry!
  • Click below for more details.

NEW Online Course: In Hand Exercises for your horse!

  • From Foundation Exercises to Lateral Work! 
  • Step by step approach, including your body positioning, aiding, tack, and more! 
  • Regular bite sized sessions of in-hand work can be transformational in training your horse to move symmetrically, use his body equally, and you will be training flexibility and good correct posture!
  • PLUS you will develop a clearer communication with your horse, AND all of this translates to improving ridden work! 


Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed with your horse, not knowing how to train, re-train or exercise them correctly? Or are you struggling getting through rehabilitation with your horse?
My online training courses and ebooks will give you the tools and confidence to make training your horse straight forward, knowing you are improving his body strength and posture correctly with the right exercises and training methods!

If you are looking for ongoing support, take a look at my Online Learning Platform, which is a library of training modules, updated monthly, and you will get access to my VIP members group for weekly live talks! 


I am a qualified Equine Physiotherapist and Spinal Manipulation Therapist, with a specialist area in back pain in the horse, and injury rehabilitation. 

I cover Staffordshire, and parts of South Cheshire.

I also provide 1 hour Zoom calls if I can't get to you in person, to discuss your difficulties and signpost you if necessary. CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS.


Members Training Group

Join Members Group for instant access to the growing library of training modules! 

This is an ongoing monthly training group. You will get access to my Online Learning Platform where all of the training modules and videos for the membership are located.

You will learn about lots of different aspects of horse training, wellness, exercise, improving your communication with your horse, and improving your partnership! 

Monthly subscription to Training Platform and members group.


Core Exercises & In Hand Work: Online Courses

Core Exercises for your horse: online training course, daily core mobilisation and activation exercises. 

In Hand Exercise for your horse: online training course, simple in-hand exercises to improve your horses flexibility and symmetry, from foundation exercises to lateral work!


EBOOK series

Instant download Ebooks

Kissing Spine Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies

Arthritis Management


Effective Lunging 

Core Mobilisation & Activation Exercises

Simple Groundwork Exercises 

Horse Weight Loss 

Carrot Stretches 

PLUS save money with Ebook Bundles! 


FREE Ebook: Posture, Core Strength & Crookedness

Download my FREE Ebook for an introduction to these super important topics for our horses. 

Once you understand that their body has natural 'issues' that are magnified in exercise, you will look at your horse through new eyes! 


FREE Ebook: Core Engagement & Strengthening Tips

Download my FREE Ebook! 

My top tips and the fundamentals for training your horse to engage his core properly in exercise.



Check out my blog page! 

I write regular articles on all sorts of topics around horses, injuries, rehabilitation, training, posture, crookedness, and lots more! 

You can use the search bar to look for articles of interest. 


Facebook group

Come and join my free private group on Facebook where I'm doing regular live talks around the topics that I'm most interested in! 

'Practical tips for your horse, from an Equine Physiotherapist' 



Spinal Manipulation & Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation appointments available across Staffordshire and parts of South Cheshire & Derbyshire. 

I am a RAMP registered Equine Vet Physiotherapist, and a McTimoney Corley Spinal Manipulation Therapist. 

I work with all sorts of horses, from high level competition horses, to racehorses, ponies and senior horses, providing injury / surgery rehabilitation support, back checks and maintenance appointments. 

I also provide Zoom calls, if I can't get to you in person, but you would like a discussion about your horse. 

FREE Ebook: Posture, Core Strength & Crookedness in the horse!

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