If you feel stuck, unsure or overwhelmed with your horse, particularly after injury, not knowing how to train/retrain or exercise them correctly...my Ebooks will give you the tools and confidence to make training your horse safe and straight forward, knowing you are improving his body strength and posture correctly with the right exercises and training / management methods.

Welcome to my Ebook series:

  • Kissing Spine Rehabilitation
  • Long Term Management of Kissing Spine 
  • Arthritis Management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Effective Lunging
  • Core Mobilisation Exercises
  • Simple Groundwork Exercises
  • Horse Weight Loss
  • and Carrot Stretches! 

All Ebooks are available for instant download.


Bestselling Bundle: my 4 Bestselling Ebooks

Kissing Spine Ebook Bundle: 4 Ebooks to help you with this process. 

Exercise Bundle: Lunging, Groundwork and Core Exercises.


Kissing Spine: Long Term Exercise & Management Strategies Ebook Bundle 

My NEW Ebook Bundle, including 'Kissing Spine: Long Term Exercise & Management Strategies' AND 'Core Exercises for your horse' which includes core activation and core mobilisation exercises! 

Once you have got past the initial kissing spine rehab...what next?? There is so much to consider and keep our eyes on, to enable our horses to be strong and comfortable, and keep them in exercise. 

Let me share with you all of the strategies that I use in the long term successful management of this condition. 


Kissing Spine - Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies

58 pages of detailed information:

Understanding 'kissing spine'

Common signs and treatment


Core strength


Ground work / in-hand work

Ridden exercises

Long term management

GOALS for rehabilitation

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Practical ways to manage your horse with Arthritis 

41 pages of detailed information:

What is arthritis?

What are the signs?


Common treatments


Therapy equipment


Weight management

Exercise: groundwork and ridden

Stretches and mobilisation exercises

Long term management

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How to lunge your horse effectively 

26 pages of practical information:

What we can achieve with lunging




Core activation exercises 

Body positioning 

Energy of horse vs handler 

Inside bend 

A lunge routine 

Less is more 



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Core Mobilisation & Activation Exercises

Simple, quick, super effective exercises to do in the stable to mobilise your horses body!

What are core mobilisation and core activation exercises?

What are the benefits for my horse?

Which exercises to do, and how

Cheating: how can I tell if my horse is doing the exercises properly?

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Simple Groundwork Exercises 

Simple Groundwork exercises for your horse, that anyone can learn and implement straight away!
Improve your horses flexibility, symmetry and core strength by adding simple groundwork exercises to your horses routine!

  • Benefits of groundwork
  • 6 simple exercises
  • How to do them, images and descriptions
  • Tips on improving the exercises!

Groundwork is suitable for all horses as it's low impact work, so senior horses, horses coming back into work/post rehab, young horses, happy hackers to competition horses!

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How to rehabilitate your horse

Some of the topics covered include:



Machines/therapy equipment

Training systems

Digestive issues


Box rest


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Carrot Stretches

How to do carrot stretches effectively: ‘5 stretches in 5 minutes‘!!

Done correctly, carrot stretches are one of the most useful tools for you and your horse.

I show you the 5 stretches that I use on a daily basis, how to do them, positioning and repetitions. Also cheating - how to avoid it!

If you do these exercises daily, your horse will become more symmetrical and flexible, and who doesn’t want that?!

**These exercises are included in the Core Mobilisation & Activation Exercises Ebook**


Horse Weight Loss

Horse Weight Loss: Grass, Laminitis, Diet, Management

I have covered everything you need to know about, to get weight off your horse for good!

WHY our horses put on weight at grass and sometimes suffer with laminitis – once you understand WHY this happens it will really help you in your management strategies, to get weight off your horses, get them healthy and back into work.


Exercise Bundle!

This is my 3 Ebook Bundle to help you with exercising your horse correctly!

  • Core Mobilisation & Core Activation Exercises
  • Simple Groundwork Exercises 
  • Effective Lunging 

Images and descriptions of all of my favourite exercises, that are the MOST effective for your horses body. 

And my lunging tips will help you to train your horse to stretch down on the lunge and work over his back. 

£18.00 for all 3 Ebooks, saving you £4.97


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4 Ebook Bundle!

My 4 bestselling Ebooks in a bundle, saving you £9.96!!

  • Kissing Spine - Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies 
  • Practical ways to manage your horse with Arthritis
  • How to rehabilitate your horse
  • How to lunge your horse effectively 

£29.00 for all 4 Ebooks!

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Kissing Spine Ebook Bundle

4 Ebooks to help you through the 'Kissing Spine' journey with your horse...

  • Kissing Spine Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies
  • Core Mobilisation & Core Activation Exercises 
  • How to Rehabilitate your horse 
  • How to lunge your horse effectively 

£27 for all 4 Ebooks, saving you £9.96

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