...of unlocking trust and connection with your horse!

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Jenny Adamson!

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In this Free Training Jenny Adamson Equine Physio and Rehab expert AND Mindset Coach, uses her 12 years professional experience to help you...

✅ Understand and overcome the real blocks in the way of your connection with your horse 


✅ Learn the SECRETS to create relaxation in your horse, so that you feel more connected and confident about riding again


✅ Improve the communication, genuine trust, partnership, and enjoyment between you and your horse

Hi I'm Jenny Adamson

My 12 years as an Equine Professional (Physio, Rehab & Spinal Manipulation), 40 years of horse ownership, 20 years of personal development work and my mindset coaching qualification and experience all combine to bring you this UNIQUE training to help you improve the connection with your horse every day! 

I speak for the horses, and help horse owners all over the world to enhance both their exercise/rehab planning AND their energy and mindset around their difficulties with their horses, to bring the best out of their time spent together, whatever the circumstances.


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I highly recommend this for anyone struggling with fear, anxiety, or just mental blocks in general. I am experiencing a huge shift in the way I see things which is impacting my relationship with my horses and the people around me.

Thank you so much Jenny for your compassion and dedication to horses and the people who are fortunate enough to have you in their lives.


I was very excited when Jenny said she was doing a mindset course connected to your horse, something that is definitely missing within the industry.

I attended her free workshop and straight away I knew what she was offering would benefit other areas of my life.

I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who's struggling. My mindset journey isn't over and I'm excited to see where it leads to. Thank you Jenny for finding my passion again.


Jenny is so positive and inspiring with a fantastic understanding of both improving mindset and dealing with the issues our horses have. I came away from the session with a different outlook, focussing on what I can do with my horse, rather than what I can't. This has made a real difference to DJ and I and I can't recommend her enough.

I'm ready to unlock trust and connection with my horse!

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