Conditioning horses

core engagement exercise Oct 16, 2020

Through my time rehabilitating horses with injuries, one of the things I have noticed is that a lot of the horses have looked weak in their musculature, or uneven in the musculature, so I can start to see how the injuries may have happened.

Horses have not evolved for us to ride them, and they are actually a pretty poor design for riding!

They are big animals so I think it’s easy to think they are strong. However, size doesn’t alway mean strength. Are they actually strong enough...

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Different ways to exercise your horse

core engagement exercise Oct 08, 2020
There are more ways to exercise your horse than purely riding/schooling! Swapping a few days out for other activities with your horses can be hugely beneficial to their body, mind, and actually your relationship with your horse too!
In-hand work or groundwork: you can do SO MUCH in this type of work with your horses, whether it’s teaching them straightness, teaching them lateral work from the ground, or teaching them not to bump into you (!), this type of work will really...
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