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Feeding in the winter

feeding winter Jan 21, 2021

This weeks Tips are to help you with feeding in the winter months, and some of the considerations to keep your horses digestive system functioning well.

Here in the UK winter really feels like it drags on, the ground is either wet or frozen, the grass loses it’s quality and quantity, and a lot of horses are stabled more so their feeding regimes change significantly.

We always need to consider how to maintain a natural management system for our horses, so that we are working with their...

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Winter management tips

We are right in the middle of winter here in the UK, and the weather really does throw up some difficulties for managing our horses and trying to keep them in work.

This weeks tips, the first of 2021, are all about ways to manage your horse when the weather and conditions are against you, to keep their systems functioning well.

Tip 1: Snow days…how best to deal with your horse?

There are SO many factors to consider when it’s been snowing - safety, enough food and water, and...

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Variable feeding positions

education feeding Sep 02, 2020

Written October 2019. 

Sometimes I am able to gain valuable knowledge from highly respected professionals in my industry and I just think “Wow! This is absolutely spot on, and I need to share this with my clients”

I recently wrote about variable feeding positions and how this can affect our horses. But following on from what I learnt from the amazing Sharon May-Davis at the recent Centaur Biomechanics seminar, I would like to share some more insight with you, which I am sure...

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