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Developing trust with your horse

equine connection mindset Apr 10, 2024

As a qualified mindset coach, I work with horse owners who are struggling with fear, anxiety, negative thoughts and feelings, overwhelm, procrastination, and feeling like they have fallen out of love with horse ownership.

And one of the crucial pieces of the jigsaw that is usually missing, is trust between the horse and owner. And not knowing how to get that back. Therefore being stuck, and probably avoiding riding, keeping the horse at arms length in terms of connection etc.

Our brain is...

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How your thoughts and feelings directly affect your horse

equine connection mindset Mar 04, 2024

Your horse is super sensitive, and picks up on all of your feelings!

So when you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, rushed, frustrated, irritated, etc...even if you think you're doing a good job of hiding it, your horse picks up those vibes. 

Horses live in the moment, they are grounded, and very much 'in their body'. They are consciously aware of everything around them, due to them being prey in the wild, so they have awareness of potential incoming danger. 

Sensitive and aware of...

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