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Developing trust with your horse

equine connection mindset Apr 10, 2024

As a qualified mindset coach, I work with horse owners who are struggling with fear, anxiety, negative thoughts and feelings, overwhelm, procrastination, and feeling like they have fallen out of love with horse ownership.

And one of the crucial pieces of the jigsaw that is usually missing, is trust between the horse and owner. And not knowing how to get that back. Therefore being stuck, and probably avoiding riding, keeping the horse at arms length in terms of connection etc.

Our brain is complex, and likes to keep us in our safety zone, so to speak, so if there is a thought around not being safe, and it’s in your subconscious, so you’re not even aware of it, your decisions will be made from that place. And your energy will vibrate at the level of ‘I’m scared’.

And because your horse is so sensitive, they are picking up on these feelings, creating unsafety in them too. So quite a negative cycle of events, creating disconnection, distracted behaviour, unsettled behaviour, unresponsiveness etc.

To change this negative cycle, working on your own energy and mindset is the key. It’s not the horses fault, they are just living in the moment, responding to their surroundings.

Working on your subconscious negative limiting beliefs (stories / old programming), that hold you back from enjoying your horse, is one of the most important aspects of mindset work. Digging down into the 90% of the brain that we are unaware of!

This work creates lasting change, and when combined with energetic clearing and grounding exercises, you will step into the space with your horse as a different version of yourself…one that your horse feels safe with and wants to be with! GENUINE positivity and relaxation are what the horse will feel and respond to.

The connection with your horse can improve really quickly when you work on yourself at this level! Learning how to clear your mind, step into the present moment with your horse and really appreciate everything that is available to you both, without any negative thoughts or feelings getting in the way!

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