Motivation with your horse in the winter!

core engagement winter Feb 08, 2021

 Motivation with your horse in the winter! 

This weeks Tips are all about ways to keep motivated and stay on track with your horse in the final part of winter, by just adding some small activities, so that we get ourselves and our horses ahead for springtime (which is just around the corner!!).

It takes 6-8 weeks to build muscle, so if you were to start exercising your horse now, you would be seeing the results in early April - springtime! So now is the time to start...

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Arthritis / Senior horses - winter management

arthritis winter Feb 03, 2021

This weeks Tips are around Arthritis / Senior horses and how to manage them in the winter months when it’s cold, wet, slippy, icy, snowy etc!

Senior horses and/or horses with stiff joints need some special care in the winter as the cold wet weather really does affect their comfort levels.

The good news is that there is a lot we can do to help our friends to keep them comfortable and able to exercise!

Tip 1: Medication: pain relief and joint supplements

Your senior / arthritic horse...

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Winter exercise

exercise winter Jan 25, 2021


The winter months really do throw up some difficulties with keeping our horses in exercise...rain, wind, snow, ice, frozen ground..and maybe all at the same time!

It's important to keep our horses moving as best we can, to stimulate their digestive system (see last weeks posts!), increase blood flow around the body, and maintain muscle tone and core strength. As well as deal with boredom if stabled!

So here are a few Tips to help...
 Brainstorm some ideas for...

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Feeding in the winter

feeding winter Jan 21, 2021

This weeks Tips are to help you with feeding in the winter months, and some of the considerations to keep your horses digestive system functioning well.

Here in the UK winter really feels like it drags on, the ground is either wet or frozen, the grass loses it’s quality and quantity, and a lot of horses are stabled more so their feeding regimes change significantly.

We always need to consider how to maintain a natural management system for our horses, so that we are working with their...

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Winter management tips

We are right in the middle of winter here in the UK, and the weather really does throw up some difficulties for managing our horses and trying to keep them in work.

This weeks tips, the first of 2021, are all about ways to manage your horse when the weather and conditions are against you, to keep their systems functioning well.

Tip 1: Snow days…how best to deal with your horse?

There are SO many factors to consider when it’s been snowing - safety, enough food and water, and...

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Winter regimes!

winter Dec 07, 2020

Winter can be a really tricky time with our horses (in the UK anyway!) - short daylight hours, adverse weather conditions and restricted / reduced turnout can seriously disrupt everything from exercise regimes, rehabilitation, to feeding routines, digestive system health, and much more.

So when our horses have to be stabled more frequently and for longer each day, what can we do to help with boredom, stress, lack of exercise and energy levels?  And how can we adapt their exercise regimes...

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