HOW you can improve your horses movement

This weeks Blog is on the different parts of your horses movement that you can improve! 

Whether they are heavy on the forehand, not working over the back, crooked in their limb patterns, these are all parts of the horses movement that we can positively influence, and actually the effects are far reaching in terms of both the movement AND the horses wellness. 

Last week in my Blog and posts I talked about the thoracic sling, the sling of muscles that suspends the front section of...

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One shoulder bigger than the other in your horse?

crookedness Jul 10, 2023

Uneven shoulders is quite a common issue, as it relates to the horses naturally occurring crookedness pattern (their left or right handedness).

If you look along your horses back (from behind - if safe to do so!), with the horse standing square, you will be able to see their shoulders and whether they appear ‘even’ or not.

It’s often accepted as ‘that’s how they are’ etc…BUT did you know that you can actively work on this pattern and create much more...

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Common movement issues in the horse

This week I am talking about some of the common movement 'issues' in the horse...they are present in all horses to one degree or another, they are issues within exercise and might actually feel like something different to what's actually happening in the horses body. 

It's good to be clear about what the main movement issues are, so that we can assess our horse and understand where we need to improve their movement or strength, to improve what we are feeling or seeing. And this...

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TIPS to improve your horses posture

crookedness posture Feb 27, 2023

What is good vs poor posture?

Firstly we need to know what good or poor posture actually looks like.
This is definitely something to ‘get your eye in’ with, the difference between good posture and poor posture, of the horse in front of you.
And once you start to see it and recognise it, you will see it everywhere.

Poor posture can lead really quickly and easily to back pain and 'kissing spine', so it's important that we can identify it with our horses, so that we can then work on...

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