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Straightness in the horse...why it's so important!

Horses are born crooked...left or right handed so to speak, and in simple terms it's up to us as their rider / trainer / rehabber, to train our horse in such a way that we develop symmetry into their movement, to help prevent injury. 

This is a huge topic, and it's super important to be aware of and improve with our horses. Standard walk-trot-canter exercise and straight line work doesn't improve the crookedness pattern. And if we don't address the crookedness pattern at its source in the body, we are strengthening a negative pattern each time we exercise our horse, loading joints and other structures unevenly, and setting up the path to uneven wear and tear, and injury. And not just limb injury either, we can create bracing in the horses body/back because they are trying to do what we ask but unable to move symmetrically, and bracing in the back over the long term can create 'kissing spine' by pulling the bones along the spine closer together. 

Working methodically on your horses straightness from the ground and ridden, in everything that you do with your horse, will not only make huge improvements to all parts of your ridden work, you will learn so much about their body by focussing on straightness, but you will also help your horse to be their very best, and help prevent injury in body and limbs. 

- Do you feel your horse uneven in the contact, heavier down one rein, do you feel uneven in the saddle, more weight down one stirrup? 

- Is your horse stiff in one direction and over-bends in the other direction? Can you get your horse to stand square? Does your horse fall in on one rein? 

These are all questions that can give you clues about your horses straightness or lack of it. 

If your horse is crooked, it's crucial for long term soundness and wellness, to address it in your training/rehab. 

My 'magic' formula, after ruling soundness in/out with your vet, is the combination of core mobilisation and core activation exercises, and in hand work, as foundational elements of your training programme with your horse, as these sets of exercises help both the body and limbs to be much more flexible and symmetrical. I see MASSIVE improvements with horses that follow these exercises alone in my programme, in terms of straightness, soundness, improved strength and therefore posture, flexibility and ability in their work. 

And once these exercises are established with the horse, the ridden work is SO MUCH EASIER. 

Which part of straightness is the most difficult for you and your horse? Is it them, is it you, is it both of you (most likely!), or is it being able to spot it, or knowing how to work on getting the improvements? 

THIS MONTH in my Strength & Straightness Programme, we are taking a deep dive into the Ridden side of Straightness, with Emma Stamenkovic, Equipilates & Franklin Trainer. Emma has over 10 years experience working in a structured, sympathetic way with horses, and one of her obsessions (her words!!) is straightness! Live on the platform this month is Emmas presentation, where she shows us specific ridden exercises to improve our horses straightness, and she is joining our members group for a live Q&A this week!! If you would like to join my members group for this AMAZING training, you can join here: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

And if you have any questions or would like any other type of support, do get in touch through the CONTACT page here on my website. 


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