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Straightness in the horse...why it's so important!

Horses are born crooked...left or right handed so to speak, and in simple terms it's up to us as their rider / trainer / rehabber, to train our horse in such a way that we develop symmetry into their movement, to help prevent injury. 

This is a huge topic, and it's super important to be aware of and improve with our horses. Standard walk-trot-canter exercise and straight line work doesn't improve the crookedness pattern. And if we don't address the crookedness pattern at its source...

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Ridden Core Strengthening Exercises

The further I have gone into depth with developing my core strengthening system for horses, the more I have weaved it into absolutely everything that I do and teach, so that whatever activity I'm doing with my horse Azuro for example, I'm always working on ways to engage and strengthen his core. 

If I have it weaved into all types of exercise, it's not just a case of 'doing a core day', because I'm working on it all of the time. 

Azuro had kissing spine surgery 5 years ago (see last...

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