Conditioning horses

core engagement exercise Oct 16, 2020

Through my time rehabilitating horses with injuries, one of the things I have noticed is that a lot of the horses have looked weak in their musculature, or uneven in the musculature, so I can start to see how the injuries may have happened.

Horses have not evolved for us to ride them, and they are actually a pretty poor design for riding!

They are big animals so I think it’s easy to think they are strong. However, size doesn’t alway mean strength. Are they actually strong enough...

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Different ways to exercise your horse

core engagement exercise Oct 08, 2020
There are more ways to exercise your horse than purely riding/schooling! Swapping a few days out for other activities with your horses can be hugely beneficial to their body, mind, and actually your relationship with your horse too!
In-hand work or groundwork: you can do SO MUCH in this type of work with your horses, whether it’s teaching them straightness, teaching them lateral work from the ground, or teaching them not to bump into you (!), this type of work will really...
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Injury prevention - taking the force out of the limbs

The way that I look at horses is holistically, meaning I look at the whole horse, not just the areas that are injured, painful or dysfunctional.

And something that I have learnt and see regularly is that horses learn to compensate for issues in their body by avoiding/locking one area, so that the weight of the rider and forces of movement have to be absorbed elsewhere in the body.

I’ll give an example to explain what I mean.

A horse that has been ‘jarred up’ because he...

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The fundamentals of core engagement

core engagement Sep 28, 2020

My experience in working with back pain in horses over the last 10 years has provided me with the opportunity to find out what actually works when it comes to training horses!

What I have learnt and developed is a system of core engagement exercises and ‘tools’ for you to use to transform your horses posture and get him working over his back properly.

The fundamentals that I teach in my training are:

Postural correction: if your horse is moving with a tight back and high head...

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5 top tips for core engagement in your horse

core engagement education Sep 28, 2020

TIP 1: Low neck position

***Can you lead your horse around with his nose near the ground?

It's not as easy as you might think! Give it a try! If your horse can't or won't do this, he is resisting in his neck/core/back.

This is one of the fundamentals that I teach in my training - your horse needs to be able to 'let go' of his neck and back, it's really important.

TIP 2: Carrot stretches!!!

They really are one of the BEST exercises that you can do with your horses! They are super effective at...

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Daily management tips to encourage good posture

core engagement Sep 02, 2020

Here are my top tips to help encourage good posture in your horses, and they are small things that you can be doing on a daily basis. Little and often is better than once a week! 

What do we mean by good posture?

Good posture in a horse is a strong toned core, which lifts the back. A strong and well muscled topline. A leg at each corner is a saying in the horse world, and good posture is also a leg at each corner of the horse, with the horse neither leaning over his forehand, or leaving...

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