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Getting your mojo back with your horse!

mindset Jun 03, 2024

We have all been there...making excuses not to ride, sabotaging ourselves so that we don't have to do the xyz that we are nervous about, allowing the overwhelm to take over, and putting focus everywhere else apart from the actual riding...

And it turns into falling out of love with your horse or horse ownership, and it's actually much more common that you might think - lots of the horse owners that I work with in my coaching part of my business are in this exact situation...they have lost the fun, lost the excitement, lost the interest...basically lost their mojo with their horse.  

But if this applies to you...let me assure you, you can get it back!! It just takes some work to make the shift to your mindset, and to switch your brain into actually seeing the positives that are all around you...including your lovely horse! 

Our brains are very clever, and are hard wired to keep us in the safety zone (think survival here), which is where fear can kick in, at the edge of the safety zone. Coupled with the negative limiting beliefs that are sat deep in the subconscious part of the brain, that are usually keeping us held back in our lives, (fascinating work to do by the way, if you want to uncover your subconscious beliefs...it's life changing work!!), the brains activities can all become like a trap.

And this is why I place so much importance on combining mindset work with horse ownership and in particular rehab situations, because your brain can literally be running the show from an unconscious place, ie. you're not even making decisions with the part of your brain that has all the information! 

Back to getting your mojo back...! As an example, some of my coaching clients in my equine connection programme earlier in the year were in exactly this situation...not even riding at all due to lots of negative stories running around their heads, that they weren't even aware were there fully. 

Once we started applying some of the proven mindset techniques to expand awareness around their thoughts, and what was actually going on, they were quickly able to make changes, resulting in getting back to riding 5 days per week (from zero times per week) for one of the attendees!! 

So losing your mojo does not have to be a permanent situation! Don't give up, don't retire or sell your horse because of xyz reasons that can actually be worked on and shifted!

By committing to working on your own negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and energy, you can actually step into a genuinely more positive, relaxed version of yourself, and your horse will respond directly to this shift, creating a positive cycle of events, lightening the whole situation and allowing fun and relaxation to come back in to your horse life! 

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