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Mindset with horses

mindset Oct 30, 2023

How is your mindset when it comes to your horse...good or bad, positive or negative? 

Are you aware of your own thought patterns and how they affect your time with your horse? 

Did you know that you are actually in control of your own thoughts and feelings, even the really negative ones, and with some daily work you can massively improve your mindset! 

Old outdated thoughts and 'programming' can be changed, to free you up so you can enjoy being with your horse every single day! 

Going through the injury or rehabilitation process with your horse can really cloud your relationship with your horse and affect your day to day relationship. Working on present moment awareness and finding the joy in the daily interactions with your horse can be super effective here to separate 'rehab' from your time/relationship with your horse...both can exist! 

There are many mindset shifts that we can make around our horsey life, to create much more positive experiences.

Would you like to experience the 'best day ever' feeling with your horse EVERY DAY?! 

Shifting our expectations is one area that we can work on, to retrain our thoughts to be happy with our horse, whatever is happening. Constant disappointment with our horses definitely doesn't work for us, and our horses feel it, so shifting consciously to a more positive mindset and finding the positives in every situation will help both of us. It just takes some practice and repetition to be able to access more positive thinking. 

And coming back to the reason why you bought your horse in the first place can help reposition our thinking too...surely it was because he/she was the MOST handsome/talented horse you had EVER SEEN?! Anchoring back into those positive feelings about our horse on a daily basis can shift your mindset too...again it takes repetition to find the more positive thoughts. 

And once we are continually finding those positive thoughts, it trickles into our feelings, and our brain starts looking for more positive experiences to highlight to us, so it's a positive cumulative effect! 

Awareness of our own inner critic voice is another area to look at...limiting beliefs tend to be an 'I can't' statement, so when you hear 'I can't' coming up in your thoughts or language, stop and have a closer look...is this actually true, or am I limiting myself on auto pilot without even realising?? Are there other possibilities here? Can I shift this statement to a more positive version right now? Again takes some practice and repetition! 

I hope this blog has been helpful, as you might be able to tell, I have studied mindset fairly extensively, I have applied it to myself extensively, and have now added some mindset offerings to my business as I am also now a qualified Mindset Coach! 

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