The fundamentals of core engagement

core engagement Sep 28, 2020

My experience in working with back pain in horses over the last 10 years has provided me with the opportunity to find out what actually works when it comes to training horses!

What I have learnt and developed is a system of core engagement exercises and ‘tools’ for you to use to transform your horses posture and get him working over his back properly.

The fundamentals that I teach in my training are:

Postural correction: if your horse is moving with a tight back and high head carriage, you can do as much ‘rehab’ as you want, BUT if you don’t actually correct the horses posture, you will just be strengthening the tight back posture. This is something I deal with on DAY 1 in rehabilitation.

Stretches: daily ‘stomach crunches’ can make a huge difference to your horses posture and strength - and they are so easy and quick to do, however, most owners don’t do them '5 stretches in 5 minutes' carrot stretches ebook is available in my shop, including my 5 preferred stretches and CHEATING from the horse, and how to overcome this! 

In hand exercises: there are several exercises that can switch on the postural muscles / stabilisers, they are easy and quick but SUPER effective once you know how to do them!

Core training aids: I highly recommend just 2 training aids, I have had huge success with them, and can cut through all the ‘hype’ to explain what to use and why!

If you would like to know more, please get in touch. I have developed my ebooks and online training around core engagement in the horse as it's quite often the 'missing piece' with horses. 


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