Online Consultations: Equine Rehabilitation Support  

If you need support in working through issues with your horse, I am available to support and guide you with online consultations. 

We can spend focussed time discussing your current situation and issues, and I can guide you on the steps you need to take with your horse, to move through your current difficulties, through a successful rehabilitation, and get your horse back into work. 

**Not a substitute for veterinary care**


What I can help you with

I'm a qualified Equine Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist and Spinal Manipulation Specialist. 

I can help you with progressing through rehabilitation, working through issues with your horse, and helping you to organise what your horse needs. 



Sometimes it can be really difficult to keep motivated when you are faced with problems such as injuries with your horse. I can help you to keep on track so that you progress as required. 

1 step at a time

Horses can be overwhelming. I can help you work through one step at a time, whatever issue you are facing. 

I have been where you are.

A block booking of sessions can help to keep you on track as you move through issues. 

How it works...

Book and pay for the consultation below. 

You will receive an email from me so that we can arrange a suitable time for our consultation, and to ask for some details about you and your horse. Once we have a time arranged, I will then send you a link for our zoom session. 

I love helping my clients to work through problems with their horses

I have worked professionally with horses full time for over 10 years now, and have learnt what works with horses, throughout the injury/rehabilitation/problem process. 

I have been asked many times for a one to one service online for clients that I can't get to in person, so look forward to helping you, even if it's for a shoulder to cry on - we all need that sometimes too. 

1 hour online rehabilitation consultation


  • 1 hour consultation with me on zoom to discuss you and your horse¬†
  • Focussed time to discuss the details of what you are currently struggling with¬†
  • Provide me with some brief details before the call so that our hour is focussed on you and your horse¬†
  • Come away from the session clearer about HOW to move forward from your current difficulties¬†
  • ¬£99 for 1 x hour session