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Here you will find details of my Training courses, my EBOOK series, and the innovative training and rehabilitation products that I use and recommend. 

Engage your horses core

My new instant access online training course with members group! 

Core strength is often the missing piece in training horses to work over their back in correct posture. 

In my 'take at your own pace' training, I teach all about posture and core strength for your horse! How to improve your horses posture, the most important 'reset' exercise for your horse, the exercises that work for true core engagement, and the secrets to activating your horses core without him cheating!! 

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Groundwork Foundation Exercises: Online Course

Learn the foundation in-hand exercises that will help your horse to become more symmetrical and flexible! 

Simple to learn with videos to show how to do the exercises, PLUS a lesson on natural crookedness in the horse! 

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I have now written a series of 8 Ebooks available for immediate download: 

  • Kissing Spine - Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies
  • Practical ways to manage your horse with Arthritis 
  • Core Mobilisation & Core Activation Exercises 
  • Simple Groundwork Exercises
  • How to lunge your horse effectively 
  • How to rehabilitate your horse 
  • Horse Weight Loss
  • Carrot Stretches