Polework to improve your horses body & movement

Join me for this Polework course, and get started today! 

You will get instant access to the course content, the lessons and videos are straight forward, so that you can get started straight away with your horse!

As an equine physiotherapist, I use polework a lot within strengthening, fittening, and rehabilitation programmes...there are SO MANY benefits, and you can make such a positive difference to your horse just by adding polework a couple of times a week!  

It doesn't have to be complicated..in fact I keep it simple and use multi tasking exercises instead of complicated pole layouts! 

What you'll get:

  • Instant access to the course 
  • Why use poles?
  • What we can achieve 
  • Guidelines & starting point
  • Progressions 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Different exercises to try! 
  • Lifetime access to course content! 

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£35.00 GBP

Would you like to add my 'Exercise EBOOK Bundle' to your order for just £18? It's 3 Ebooks: Core Exercises, Simple Groundwork Exercises & Effective Lunging. They will be emailed to you immediately after payment.