Kissing Spine - Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies EBOOK

Kissing Spine is a difficult issue to work through with your horse, and I am here to help you, as I specialise in this area with horses.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, upset, anxious, nervous, unsure where to start, or just need some guidance or new ideas on the rehab process, READ ON as my detailed guide covers everything from diagnosis through treatment and rehab, and ultimately back to ridden work.

This practical guide will help you understand what is happening to your horse, and all of the ways that you can help your horse to recover fully, and get back to your previous activities.

To full rehabilitate this condition, or to prevent it, you need to start with understanding what is actually guide will help you all the way through the process for the low cost of £14.99.

What you need to know...

I'm a qualified Equine Physiotherapist & Spinal Manipulation Therapist, I specialise in back pain in horses, and have extensive experience in rehabilitating horses with Kissing Spine, including going through surgery with MY OWN HORSE.

  • Understand what is happening in your horses body and why he has been in pain or discomfort
  • Learn about 'Kissing Spine' and how it can develop, so that you can fully understand how to rehabilitate your horse in the short and long term from this condition
  • Sets of low impact exercises to fully strengthen your horse to resolve the kissing spine issue...core activation, mobilisation, groundwork, ridden suppling exercises
  • Learn simple in hand, groundwork and ridden exercises for core engagement
  • My recommendations on the training aids that I use that are most effective - and don't FIX your horse in one position
  • Learn what your GOALS are for rehabilitation of 'Kissing Spine' so that you know what you are aiming for with your horse, both in the short term and the long term
  • Ongoing exercise: what your horse should be able to do, plus what to include in your daily and weekly exercise plans on an ongoing basis to manage this condition
  • Rehabilitation: Correct posture, core activation and core mobilisation exercises, core training aids, groundwork, in hand work, pole work, ridden exercises for core engagement. I explain all of this for you, so that you are clear about what you need to do.
  • Get your rehab right and you will never look back.


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