Groundwork Foundation Exercises: Online Course

Train your horse with simple groundwork exercises, to improve his symmetry, posture and flexibility.

Horses are naturally crooked, with one hindlimb stronger than the other, and not a great design for riding, unfortunately!

So we need to find ways to help our horses, and help them with their crookedness and posture.

In-hand exercise/groundwork is one of the best ways I have found to train symmetry in the horse, and I have simplified the exercises into an easy to learn format for you.

By adding regular in-hand/groundwork sessions to your routine, you are adding a new layer of training, and you can be helping your horse with symmetry, flexibility, good correct posture and core engagement - all at the same time!!

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Is this you...?

  • One rein stiffer than the other with your horse?
  • Your horse finds movements easier in one direction than the other
  • Possibly even holding their head and neck to the outside of the circle
  • Only bending through the ribcage in one direction
  • Uneven rein contact
  • More neck bend in one direction, less in the other
  • Can stretch down on one rein, but struggles on the other rein


  • You would like your horse to be easier to ride and lunge?
  • You would like to find new ways to work with your horse to improve his body and movement?
  • You want to train your horse to work more symmetrically and improve his flexibility?
  • You would like your horse to be more comfortable, supple and strong in his back?
  • You would like your horse to be more symmetrical to ride?
  • You would like to increase your competition scores?

Let me share with you the benefits of in-hand/groundwork for your horse

  • You will start the process of training your horse to use his limbs and body equally
  • You will start to improve your horses flexibility
  • He will start to lower his neck and use his body more fully in exercise
  • Your horse will be more comfortable to ride as his back becomes stronger
  • You will train your horse to move equally on each rein - no falling in or falling out
  • Healthier, stronger and more flexible spine and back muscles
  • Nice even bend through the body, on both reins
  • Your horse will become more relaxed and more comfortable
  • Easier to ride and lunge!


  • Learn why your horse is crooked, and why groundwork will help!
  • In the introduction you will learn:
  • Why horses are naturally crooked
  • Why it's important to re-train the crooked horse
  • Why groundwork is super effective!

Foundation Exercises

  • The main foundation exercises to learn, teach your horse, and perfect over time! These exercises are the basis for more advanced work.
  • The exercises you will learn:
  • Each of the 6 exercises that I use and train.
  • A description of each exercise, how to set up and do each exercise, plus a video to show you HOW to do each exercise.

Tips & Preparation

  • All of the ways that your horse might avoid the exercises!
  • I will explain for each of the exercises, what might happen and how to improve each exercise.
  • Discover how to set yourself and your horse up for success!

About Jenny 

Hi I'm Jenny Adamson, I'm an Equine Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Spinal Manipulation Therapist AND horse owner!!

I'm super passionate about horses, have been around them nearly all of my life, and have my own horse Azuro, who is in all of my photos!

I have been working professionally with horses for over 10 years, and I love teaching horse owners how to improve their horses posture, movement and way of going!

I spend most of my time with horses looking at ways to improve how they move and how they carry themselves - and have found that in-hand work alongside core engagement work is really effective!

Regular bite sized sessions of in-hand/groundwork can be transformational in training your horse to move symmetrically, use his body equally, and you will be training flexibility and good correct posture!

Join 'Groundwork: Foundation Exercises' online training and get started today! 

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