HOW to improve your horses Posture, Core Strength & Crookedness: FREE Guide! 

Learn my Tips & Training Strategies to transform your horses posture, core strength, crookedness & movement!

Learn how these natural issues in the horses body show up, particularly in exercise, and what we can do to improve them - ultimately through specific correct training, so that our horses can be the very best version of themselves!

I will explain about poor posture and crookedness in the horse, WHY these turn into bigger problems, and exactly WHAT TO DO to improve your horse! 

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Hi I'm Jenny Adamson

I'm an Equine Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Spinal Manipulation Therapist, AND horse owner! I specialise in back pain and rehabilitation in horses, which includes retraining their movement. Through my experience over the last 10 years, and in particular my struggles with my own horse, I have searched for, and found, the training methods that work to improve horses posture, symmetry, flexibility and movement. 

My Free Guide introduces you to...:

  • The evolution of the horse, and why this is important to consider! 
  • Posture, and how poor posture manifests in the horse 
  • Natural crookedness in the horse - where this comes from and how it affects our horses 
  • Assessing your horse 
  • Training - a more sophisticated, corrective, sympathetic approach to your horse 

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Posture, Core Strength & Natural Crookedness in the horse: FREE Guide 

Let me share with you my Free Guide, which is my introduction to these super important topics for our horses. 

Once you understand WHY your horse struggles with certain aspects of ridden work/exercise, or life in general, it will really open your eyes to what is possible in terms of moving forward with your training! 


  • The evolution of the horse 
  • Posture
  • Natural Crookedness 
  • Assessing your horse
  • A more sophisticated approach to training your horse!

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