Developing Correct Movement in the horse: Online Course

Learn about important parts of your horses movement that can cause dysfunction and injury, if not addressed. 

Get your 'eye in', learn how to see these issues, understand their importance for your horse, and then learn all of my GO-TO exercises to address these movement patterns...

Ultimately transforming your horse!! 

This course is important foundational learning for anyone that owns a horse 🐴 🐴

Once signed up, you will get immediate access to the course content, so you can get started with helping your horse straight away!


Movement Lessons included...:

  • Mobilise-Activate-Strengthen: training strategy
  • Heavy on the forehand 
  • Why we seek 'long and low' posture
  • The fine line between 'long and low' and 'on the forehand' 
  • Moving on from 'long and low' 
  • Training the hindlimbs
  • Developing bend
  • Developing symmetry 
  • Linking to ridden work 

***Specific exercises, strategies and tips on how to work with each of these movement issues with your horse!***

Is this your horse...?

  • Your horse is stiff through his body? 
  • Struggles to work over his back? 
  • One rein stiffer than the other?
  • Your horse finds movements easier in one direction than the other
  • Won't lunge in one direction 
  • Crooked movement 
  • Lacking topline muscle 
  • Heavy in the contact
  • On the forehand 
  • Continual sore back 
  • Poor posture - hollow outline 


  • You are committed to improving your horses comfort levels and movement 
  • You would like to learn from a professional, about correct movement in the horse 
  • You would like your horse to be more comfortable, supple and strong in his back, core and whole body?
  • You need to teach your horse to stretch down into long and low posture
  • You would like your horse to be more symmetrical to exercise and ride?

GREAT! This course is going to give you the foundation level knowledge about horses movement, that will enable you to transform your horse!!


  • Learn all about the parts of the horses movement that I observe and work on to improve the whole horse 
  • Get your 'eye in' so you can see it for yourself! 
  • Understand what needs to change...
  • Exercises, strategies and tips for each movement lesson! 


  • Which specific exercises to use for which movement pattern 
  • Some exercises are better at unpicking a pattern than others 
  • Become prescriptive with what you're doing with your horse to improve their movement! 


  • Learn why and how to do some specific in-hand exercises to improve your horses movement 
  • Improve symmetry 
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve movement! 

About Jenny 

Hi I'm Jenny Adamson, I'm an Equine Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Spinal Manipulation Therapist AND horse owner!!

I'm super passionate about horses, have been around them nearly all of my life, and have my own horse Azuro, who is in all of my photos and courses!

I have been working professionally with horses for over 10 years, and I love teaching horse owners how to improve their horses posture, core strength, movement and comfort levels!

I spend most of my time with horses looking at ways to improve how they move and how they carry themselves - and I love to share all of my knowledge and skills that I have learnt along the way, to improve our horses lives. 

So whatever your situation with your horse, learning about developing correct movement is an essential piece of horse ownership! 

Join 'Developing Correct Movement in the horse' online training and get started today! 


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Developing Correct Movement in the horse: Online Course


  • Instant course access 
  • Lessons on 8 specific parts of horses movement 
  • Exercises included for each lesson  
  • Which specific exercises to use for which problem! 
  • Core Exercises videos 
  • In Hand Exercises videos 
  • Learn how to correct your horses movement!