How to lunge your horse effectively EBOOK

A practical guide to lunging your horse, including posture, tack, body language, energy, positioning, preparation, tips PLUS troubleshooting. 

- Do you struggle with lunging and find it difficult with your horse?

- Is it difficult to get your horse to stretch down on the lunge?

- Is your horse difficult on one rein on the lunge?

Then read on as my practical guide to effective lunging is going to help you to train your horse to stretch down on the lunge and work over his back!

Achieve success in your lunge sessions!

I have found the ways to train your horse to stretch down on the lunge, and can now exercise horses on the lunge without any equipment (just a cavesson and lunge line!) and achieve long and low posture - and this guide will explain how you can do this too!


  • What we can achieve with lunging
  • Posture: training good, correct posture on the lunge
  • Equipment - my recommendations!
  • Body positioning: how you influence how your horse moves!
  • Energy of horse vs handler: how to calm a hot horse or motivate a switched off horse!
  • Inside bend: ESSENTIAL! You will never get your horse to stretch down if you don't get inside bend first - I'll explain how!
  • A lunge routine: keep it simple but effective!
  • Less is more!
  • Tips AND Troubleshooting

What are you trying to achieve, posture basics, equipment recommendations.
Let me help you with the art of lunging your horse...I have working with some really tricky horses and trained them how to relax and stretch down, and I'm going to explain it all to you so that you can do the same with your horse!

Stretching exercises to help mobilise your horses body before you start lunging.
5 minutes spent on core activation before you start your session will solve a lot of your issues!
Equalising bend through the body and switching on the core muscles before you lunge are essential, and I'll show you the best exercises to do!

Your session
How you influence your horse, new ways to work with your horse on the lunge, achieving inside bend, what to do in a session PLUS troubleshooting.

DOWNLOAD the Ebook to start your journey towards improving how your horse works on the lunge...let's get him stretching down and using his back and core!


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* How to lunge your horse effectively 26 pages

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