Equine Strength & Straightness Online Training Programme 🐴 ❤️ 


For horse owners who have had enough of struggling with stiffness, crookedness, back pain and injuries with your horses, and are ready to step into a new, effective way of training, so that you can get back to confidently riding your horse…more enjoyment, less stress!

Full physio based strengthening programme and ongoing support with Jenny Adamson, Equine Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist.


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Available until MIDNIGHT 27th November! 

🐴 Are you ready to get back to consistent fun and enjoyment with your horse? 🐴

What if you could train and exercise your horse in a way that unlocks their body and gives you the “best day ever” feeling every day?! And all of this by just applying short, laser focussed sessions - no stress, total clarity and confidence and a simplified way of working. I’m here to show you HOW and to say that YOU CAN DO THIS!!

🐴 Some days you are motivated with your horse, other days you would rather poo pick and sweep the yard than exercise them?!

🐴 You know you need to work on strengthening your horse, but don’t know where to start, and what you have tried already hasn’t yielded much in the way of results, or you’re not confident in what you’re doing?

🐴 You know you need to work on your horses strength and crookedness, to improve your rides, but it all feels like an uphill struggle, and you end up stuck, overwhelmed, unmotivated, and still not able to ride your horse?

🐴 Imagine being able to confidently get back to riding your horse without all of the fear, stuckness, confusion getting in the way.

🐴 Are you ready to step in and make positive changes to your exercise routines with your horse, embracing new exciting training methods, so that you can bring out the absolute best from your horse?


Equine Strength & Straightness Training Programme 🐴

Physio based strengthening programme and ongoing support with Jenny Adamson, Equine Physio & Rehab Specialist 


Using my 12 years’ experience in Equine Physio, Rehabilitation & Training AND over 40 years of horse ownership, I’m going to show you the best and most effective ways to train, exercise, rehab and manage your horse, so that your horse can be the very best version of themselves!

My unique programme is one of a kind; I’m teaching you not only all of my training and rehab methods, but also management strategies from industry leading experts in equine nutrition, equine behaviour and rider pilates!

As you move through this programme, your confidence, skills and motivation will increase, and you will learn how to assess and train your horse to move correctly, so you can be sure that your horse is comfortable and strong in all the right places, so that he/she is ready for ridden work.

With the regular live sessions in the members group, you will feel fully supported and motivated, and confident to implement all of the training, to achieve the improvements with your horse that you have been waiting for! 

Here’s what you’re going to get access to:


🐴 Strength & Straightness Training Programme

Access to my full training/rehab programme! Train your horse to move correctly, strengthen their body and improve their crookedness pattern, AND learn management strategies from industry leading experts to get your horse back to being the very best version of themselves…sound, comfortable, well, happy.

🐴 Regular live sessions in the Members Group

Ongoing support from Jenny, experienced and knowledgeable Equine Physio and Rehab Specialist and the author of the programme! Motivation, question sessions, brainstorming, technique and training discussions…everything you need to IMPLEMENT the training.

🐴 NEW training module every month

Continued learning from Jenny and equine industry professionals! Horses are a lifelong learning type of hobby/profession, so continue your learning each month in this programme.

Hi I’m Jenny Adamson

Just 5 years ago, I was stuck with my horse Azuro, looking for solutions to the problem we had, which was the devastating diagnosis of ‘kissing spine’. Going through this as a horse owner was completely different to working with clients horses. I felt alone, stuck, miserable, stressed, couldn’t see a way forward with him, and had no idea when I would be able to ride my beautiful and talented horse again.

I decided to try out lots of new/different methods of working his body, to unlock the long term compensation patterns, and ultimately found what WORKS to successfully rehab and retrain sore, stuck bodies AND rehab the horses mind back to the positive too!

My 12 years experience in Equine Physio, Rehab, Training and Spinal Manipulation Therapy, along with my personal experiences, give me a rather unique way of looking at horses and training. I KNOW what needs to happen for horses to bloom and flourish in their work, and I’m going to show you in this programme!

Is this programme for you?

This Strength & Straightness programme is PERFECT for you if…

⭐ You are an action taker
⭐ You are prepared to make changes
⭐ You want to take advice and implement new training
⭐ You are committed to improving your horse
⭐ Your horses welfare and happiness comes before anything else


By following my training and joining the live sessions for support and advice, you can truly unlock your horses body and potential, by fully strengthening their body, improving their crookedness pattern, so that you can get back to riding, enjoying your time together, and improving your connection and communication, so that the whole horse ownership part of your life is easy, flowing, filled with joyful moments and FUN!!

I’m here to support you with all of it, and can’t wait to show you the programme and where to start!! 🐴 ❤️

Join The Strength & Straightness Online Programme today! 

Join today for the low monthly cost of just £24 ($29) per month OR £264 ($327) annual, and get immediate access to the Programme, and access to 'The Members Enclosure' private Facebook group! 

Your joining price is your 'price for life' for as long as you stay in the membership, so lock in your low price today before the price increase on the 1st December!! 

⭐⭐AND BLACK FRIDAY BONUS: 1 HOUR POWERFUL GROUP MINDSET RESET SESSION!! Worth £97! 'Step out of struggle and into confidence with your horse'. This session will help you to deepen your connection with your horse and enhance your ridden experience! ⭐⭐⭐


Monthly Payment Option

£24 ($29) per month

  • Instant access to full Strength & Straightness Online Training Programme! Worth hundreds of £££ !
  • Regular live sessions with Jenny. Worth hundreds of £££ ! 
  • Your payment will renew each month automatically 
  • The price you pay today on joining is your price for life for as long as you stay in the membership! 
  • Cancel subscription anytime - however if you decide to leave and rejoin at a later date, you will pay the price on rejoining date, which may be higher
  • One off joining fee of £49
  • Instant access to everything! 

Annual Payment Option: Cost Saving!

£264 ($327) per year

Save £73 / $81 by paying annually!!

  • Instant access to full Strength & Straightness Online Training Programme! Worth hundreds of £££ ! 
  • Regular live sessions with Jenny. Worth hundreds of £££ !
  • 1 MONTH FREE with annual payment option! 
  • Lock your payment price in for a year!
  • This is your price for life for as long as you stay in the membership!
  • Automatic renewal each year
  • Instant access to everything! 

Donna Robinson

I found Jenny on Facebook after my mare was diagnosed with kissing spine. I didn’t know much about it and was looking for more information. After listening to a week long talk from Jenny on posture I decided to join her membership group. I started implementing her exercises with all of my horses and the changes in their posture and core strength has been remarkable. I enjoy her FB live talks and it’s so nice to be able to ask questions and actually get them answered. Jenny is so accessible to everyone in the group and her encouragement is fantastic.

Caryn Parli

I found Jenny on FB last summer while researching some of the struggles I was having with my three horses. I have a 32 year old gelding I want to keep comfortable for his senior years, a 19 year old retired cutter with hock spurs and a prior tendon injury as well as head shaking syndrome, and a 5 year old reining bred filly with NPA who I'm trying to get back into work after being off due to hoof and back soreness. I joined her membership after listening to her free talk on posture and have been so glad I did. I am learning so much and love the support from the group! Jenny really gives horse owners the tools they need to rehab and maintain their horses. After applying Jenny's exercises for just a month, my equine chiropractor commented they were better than she had ever seen them. I can't say enough good things about Jenny and the content she has put together for her members. I am forever grateful!

Janice Masone

I found Jenny on Facebook last year when I was really in a dark place with my mare. I have learned so much, from assessing crookedness and posture. Her instructional videos and blog are very accessible and easy to understand and over the months I have really seen the benefits to my horse and the vet has seen a huge difference in her having seen her at the beginning of our journey and then a few months in. I can't thank Jenny enough, and I would highly recommend her.

Sharon Bradshaw

I have a lovely horse who started having some issues with movement. After various diagnosis by professionals we were no further forward. A year passed, he had ulcers which were treated and I was fiddling around in the dark trying to find out about rehab etc. Eventually I went to a vet who x rayed his hocks and spine. He had mild kissing spine. Vet was not prepared to inject or operate as no actual touching, it is only two vertebrae that are affected. Again I did not have a clue how to rehab him. Nothing was working so he was retired, not that he minded. After a few months rest he looked better and I found this group. I cannot remember how. I think I was looking for rehab exercises online. Anyway gave it a go. Carrot stretches were awful to begin with. It was like bending concrete. Then we started walking and long reining which he likes, polework and in hand in the school. We covered miles during covid. A saddle refit later I got back on, 5 mins then building it up. Now hacking miles, I still do not ride down steep hills but get off. We have had set backs and still do. Sometimes there is a niggle but now I can see it and do something about it early on. Still mixing it up. My aim is for him to be pain free and happy. Everything else is a bonus. I have been criticised for walking him and not riding him. People have hinted I am making a fuss and there is nothing wrong with him. I quietly carried on. Yesterday we did outer first dressage test in 3 years. He won but that did not matter. We got back in an arena. The greatest compliment was "Yours is the only horse I have ever seen rehabbed correctly. "
I gave it a go, I had nothing to lose and who knows where your journey will take you. Without doing all Jenny's recommendations I expect he would have remained a lawnmower as I will never part with him.


I’ve been a member of the members group now for a few months. At the time I was worried about my horse and thinking of booking him into the vets. I saw Jenny Adamson post on Facebook as I was scrolling through one day and decided to join. Well what can I say! I'm so glad I did, my horse ended up needing surgery so joining when I did was certainly the best thing for me. I love the group and especially Jenny. I've found the group so helpful and almost makes me feel like I'm not on my own. I feel it’s a very supportive way to help me and my Barney get through his diagnosis. My horse has been on rehab so only able to do the core exercises and he's looking amazing so very excited for the next step!
Thank you Jenny xx


So glad I found this group. I’ve had soundness issues with my horse for some time. It’s hard to keep going and this group has given me the support to do that. Jenny is super helpful, positive and inspiring. The online information explains everything really well and I feel I have a good understanding of exactly how to do the exercises with my horse. Whenever I’ve posted a question / photos/ videos, Jenny has always responded with an insightful and timely reply.

Thank you so much! 


I first found Jenny’s ebooks online during lockdown when I was trying to help my ‘not quite right’ and still not diagnosed Welsh D. I subsequently joined the Members Enclosure and find the content well laid out and professional. The whole programme and format of blogs, videos, Q and A’s and other sessions is a great learning tool and I like that the content could be used with any horse either to help rehabilitate or because it’s just really good stuff for them to be doing regularly. Thanks Jenny 


I have known jenny for quite some time now and she has helped me loads with my horse and I have learnt so much from her along with way and still learning I have joined her group and there is loads of video talks live Q&A so if you need to ask more questions or get more information it's a great group to be in and the members are nice and helpful or you can posted a question in the members group and jenny will get back to you and help anyway she can and support you it is great for any level that you are at with your horse


I first came across Jenny's page on Facebook in January 2021 and I downloaded one of her e-books. I then attended one of her 5 day online events in August as I thought it would improve my knowledge and help my horses. Got hooked and signed up to the members group. So much information and 'how to' guides and videos. If you are stuck Jenny is on hand to help and guide. Everyone is supportive and we motivate each other. Especially when things aren't going so well. We also talk about other subjects too. Really good group to be part of.


I stumbled upon Jenny when I was feeling lost and helpless. My horse had just been diagnosed with kissing spine and I had no idea how to help him. I googled Kissing spine rehabilitation and found some groups on Facebook, none of which felt right for us.
I saw Jenny's Engage your horses' core training course and it sounded ideal. The initial exercises were so simple to understand and easy to incorporate into my time at the yard. I saw improvement in Finn within a few weeks so when Jenny started The Members Enclosure I jumped right in.
The modules in the Members Enclosure added to those 1st exercises. They are all very well explained with video demonstrations and they're easy to tack onto any rehab/training program you may be doing. You can cherry pick what you need at anytime as the modules are always there. You don't need to worry about getting left behind.
The weekly talks/discussions are invaluable. When you feel that nothing is working or you're stuck, Jenny is on hand with her calming influence and insights. She is just so generous with her time, knowledge and advice, she really DOES care!
I'm just so thankful that I found Jenny when I did. Finn has improved soooo much and I've gained a huge amount of knowledge (still learning)
Thanks Jenny
Finn & Kerry


I have been following Jenny’s page for a while, I love the fact that she firstly offers a free book so you can get a feel for if will be a good combination for you and your horse, I bought a couple of her books to read off Amazon and have enjoyed them, informative but simple too for us that are trying to scramble information without the confusing professional jargon, my horse has been diagnosed with kissing spine, Jenny has been super helpful and friendly via messages, giving advice didn’t need to and a few avenues to follow, I’ve now signed up to her members enclosure so it can give me a focus through his rehabilitation as am sure is going to be good and bad days, the people in there are there to help their horses too and is very warm and friendly


I joined the Members Enclosure about a year ago and I am so glad I did as it has been a really good investment. Jenny is so generous with her time and availability, and encourages us to submit videos and ask questions. She is incredibly friendly, approachable and supportive. I have learned loads through being a member. I joined initially because we had not long bought a horse for my daughter, and she was very crooked and weak in her topline. I have been able to put the exercises to great use, and we now have a horse who has transformed completely from a year ago. She is so much stronger in her core, and her ridden work, groundwork and lunging have improved considerably as a result. It is a lovely, friendly group and everyone is very supportive. I can't recommend it enough. Your horse will thank you for it.