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Your Horses Posture, Core Strength & Crookedness

Hosted by Jenny Adamson, Equine Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist & Spinal Manipulation Therapist

What you will learn...:

  • I'm going to share with you some important factors that hold you and your horse back from achieving your goals. 
  • It's what I spend most of my time on when working with horses and owners! 
  • Once you understand WHY your horse finds ridden work/exercise/aspects of modern life difficult, you will have a whole new perspective on moving forward with your horse...! 
  • I have been working professionally with horses for over 10 years, and have learnt SO MUCH about how to transform your horse through sympathetic correct training and management (which I will share with you in the webinar...!) 
  • You don't want to miss this important training, where you will really understand your horses body, and see where you need to make changes to your training to get the results you want! 
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