Practical ways to manage your horse with Arthritis EBOOK

I'm Jenny Adamson, I'm an Equine Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist, and I deal with horses with arthritis on a day to day basis in my practice. 

Arthritis doesn't have to be career ending for your horse...there is so much you can do to help your horse!

Try out my recommendations in this guide to help your horse get back to doing what you enjoy together, in a healthier happy way. 

Go from sore, stiff, back into work...healthy, happy and sound! 

My tried and tested recommendations: products, supplements, exercises and management strategies

I'm a qualified Equine Physiotherapist, and work extensively alongside vets in managing horses with Arthritis, let me help you with LOTS of new ideas to improve your horses comfort levels so that you can continue exercising

  • The BEST joint supplement that is tried, tested, and WORKS
  • The most appropriate therapy equipment, that won't break the bank
  • Sets of low impact exercises to strengthen your horse...core activation, mobilisation, groundwork, ridden suppling exercises
  • Management strategies
  • Exercise strategies
  • Long term management to keep your horse in tip top condition!

Work through changes to your horses management and exercise regimes, and get him back into work - comfortable, sound and happy!!

Common signs, vet diagnosis and initial treatment.
Once you have a clear diagnosis you can start making plans and alterations to your horses management and exercise to get him back into work.

Management changes at home
Weight management, turnout, supplements.
There is SO MUCH that you can change to improve your horses way of life, comfort levels, and soundness!

Planning exercise, using daily stable based exercises for strength, and groundwork, poles and ridden suppling exercises for flexibility and joint health.
Low impact sets of exercises that are super effective, and suitable for senior horses as well as coming back into work after injury.

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Would you like to add my 'Exercise Ebook Bundle' EBOOK to your order for £18.00? It includes: 

  • Core Mobilisation & Core Activation Exercises
  • Simple Groundwork Exercises 
  • Effective Lunging