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Engage Your Horses Core - Online Training and Members Group

Transform your horses posture and improve his way of going with this posture and core strength training course! 

I'm Jenny Adamson, I'm an Equine Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist and work extensively with horses with poor posture and back pain. I can teach you all of the exercises that I use myself in my practice, to train your horse to engage his core, improve his posture and improve his way of going. 

Join my online training to learn: 

  • Postural correction - HOW to correct your horses posture from hollow back and high head carriage, to a lifted core and back! 
  • Core activation - simple exercises to do in the stable, that will take you less than 5 minutes! 
  • In-hand exercises - my simple set of in-hand exercises to engage your horses core! 
  • Core training aids - which ones to use, how to fit and use them, and my recommendations as a physio 
  • Use these exercises daily alongside your usual exercise routine for your horse
  • Lessons and videos to explain and show you HOW to do all of the exercises for core engagement
  • You can transform your horses posture and way of going by implementing this work with your horse! 

The online training can be taken at your own pace, via a secure login to my website.

And you will also receive access to my 'Engage your horses core' members group on Facebook where I hold weekly live Q&As!

***Please ensure you subscribe to my mailing list so that you will receive emails about accessing the course***