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How To Rehabilitate Your Horse Ebook

EQUINE REHABILITATION: How to Rehabilitate Your Horse

The injury rehabilitation process with horses is one of the most stressful situations to go through as a horse owner.

Let me take the stress and worry out of it with my practical guide to everything you need to be considering.

I'm a qualified Equine Physiotherapist with extensive experience in the rehabilitation of injuries.

Getting through the rehab process with your horse...

  • Your rehabilitation plan from your vet: your essential starting point
  • Box rest: how to manage this difficult situation to keep your horse as calm as possible
  • Motivation: it might be a long, daunting road ahead, let me help you to keep going!
  • Exercise: how to manage your exercise plan for your horse safely
  • Stable based exercises to maintain core strength: keep your horse entertained and his body as strong as possible while on box rest
  • Groundwork: correct your horses compensatory patterns
  • Machines / therapy equipment: my recommendations on the equipment I use in rehabilitation of injuries
  • Training aids: my 2 recommendations, take the risk out of expensive purchases by checking out the sympathetic, effective training aids that I use
  • Supplements: total minefield! I recommend the best joint supplement and digestive supplements
  • Medium to long term rehabilitation: once you get your horse back into work, you need to keep him there! Injuries actually take a LOT longer to heal than a clear scan. So planning out his work based on his injury is a good place to start.


Your initial diagnosis from your vet, your rehabilitation plan, and the rehabilitation process.

This might be an upsetting, stressful time, and my Ebook is going to help you with everything that you need to be doing with your horse.

From diagnosis, through box rest, early exercise, back into ridden work, and beyond, I have it all covered in my Ebook.

Early stages

Box rest, your yard set up, how you are going to manage box rest and the rehab process, digestive issues, supplements, physiotherapy, therapy equipment, stable based exercises.

So much to consider, and such a stressful time.

Don't worry, I have it all covered for you in this Ebook that you can keep referring back to.

Getting going

Planning your exercise, groundwork, training aids, saddles, medium to long term rehabilitation, ongoing support.

Once you are through the initial stages of rehab, you then need to work on improving your horses strength, flexibility, compensatory patterns etc.

DOWNLOAD my Ebook to help you with ALL of this! Let's get your horse back into work and keep him there!

*If you would like my Ebook bundle, click back to the Ebooks page, the bundle includes...:

* Kissing Spine - Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies 58 pages

* Practical ways to manage your horse with Arthritis 40 pages

* How to rehabilitate your horse 35 pages

* How to lunge your horse effectively 26 pages

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