Core Mobilisation & Core Activation Exercises EBOOK

These exercises are the BEST ones to do with your horse on a daily basis, and I recommend them to all of my clients!

These exercises are quick, super effective, and your horse will become more flexible and symmetrical if you do them every day!

Your horse will enjoy doing them with you, and they can become part of your daily routine together - fun and great for his body!

Use them as a pre ride core warm up, you will feel the difference in his way of going if you switch his core on before you start...your horse will have a lifted core and back, and flexible soft movement!

Mobilise your horses back and core!

I have been working professionally with horses for 10 years - I have written this ebook to explain the benefits and show you how to do these important exercises, to help prevent conditions such as Kissing Spine in our horses, and to develop equal use of the body, so that they are symmetrical on both reins.

What are core mobilisation and core activation exercises? It's like pilates for horses!

Benefits for my horse? Strengthen your horses core, improve their posture, flexibility and movement! So many benefits from such small exercises!

Which exercises to do, and how? I'll show you and fully explain what to do, set up, positioning, and what's happening in your horses body.

Cheating: how can I tell if my horse is doing the exercises properly? I'll explain how your horse will try and cheat, especially to begin with!!

Images to show you HOW to do the exercises, so you know what it should look like!

Done on a daily basis, you will see and feel the improvements in your horses posture and movement in literally a few weeks!

What are the exercises, what they do for the horse, why we should be doing them, and the benefits (improved symmetry and flexibility in the horses body!)

Core Mobilisation Exercises
What these stable based exercises actually do, how to do each exercise including set up and ways the horse might (probably will!) cheat!
You will see and feel the improvements in your horse over a matter of a couple of weeks if you put the time in to learn them...and you will wonder why you never tried them before...!

Core Activation Exercises
The best exercises to do on a daily basis with your horse! Help to develop a stronger core and back!
Simple, quick, easy, your horse will love doing them, and you will start the process of improving your horse on the first day...DOWNLOAD the Ebook and start the exercises today!!


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