Kissing Spine Rehabilitation Consultations 

Book a 90 minute 121 session with me, where we will spend focussed time discussing your horse and your rehabilitation process.  Send me your xrays and let me support and guide you through this process. 

**Not a substitute for veterinary care**


What I can help you with

I'm a qualified Equine Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist and Spinal Manipulation Specialist with over 10 years experience of working professionally with horses. 

I specialise in kissing spine rehabilitation, back pain, rehabilitation of movement, and postural improvement with horses. 

I can help you with progressing through rehabilitation, understanding what you need to do and when, and set you up with a rehabilitation plan for your horse. 

By spending time in a 121 consultation I can support you and your horse, by understanding where you are right now, and guiding you on the steps you need to take. 

121 Zoom sessions

Book a 90 minute consultation with me to discuss your horse. 

Send me your xrays and vet notes prior to our initial session. 

I can help you to understand what is happening with your horse, help you understand the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation plan, and set you up with the understanding, information, and support that you need. 


Do you need the Training Programme? 

The Kissing Spine diagnosis and rehabilitation process can be overwhelming. My training programme will help you to work through the process with your horse one step at a time, and keep you focussed on forward progress, dealing with issues as they arise.

You will get access to the entire online training programme, which is all of the exercises and training methods that I use myself in this process. AND access to the members coaching group, so that I can support you on an ongoing basis, by providing additional trainings, Q&A sessions, and a safe space to share your journey and ask for support. 


How it works...

Book and pay for the consultation below. 

You will receive an email from me so that we can arrange a suitable time for your consultation. 

Once we have a time arranged, I will then send you a zoom link for our consultation. 

Through the booking process, please send me your horses xrays, history and your vet notes, and any specific areas you need help with. 


Click button to book your consultation with me, then email me to discuss your situation, and arrange a suitable time for the consultation. 


90 minute Consultation

121 Zoom session

  • 90 minute consultation on Zoom with me to discuss you and your horse 
  • Send me your xrays through the booking process, prior to our consultation 
  • Focussed time to discuss the details of where you are currently with your horse, and the steps you need to take to move forward 
  • Provide me with some history on your horse and your vet notes before the call so that our consultation is focussed on you and your horses rehabilitation 
  • Come away from the session clearer about your way to move forward 
  • £99 for 90 minute consultation