'Kissing Spine' - Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies Ebook 

Let me help you with this devastating diagnosis, to get your horse on the road to recovery 

I'm Jenny Adamson and I'm an Equine Vet Physiotherapist, I have been working with horses with 'Kissing Spine' for a number of years - I have written this ebook to help you and your horses, giving you detailed understanding of what is happening with your horse with this devastating and painful condition, and all of the ways that you can progress with rehabilitation.

All of the techniques can also be used in long term management of horses with 'Kissing Spine', as well as for PREVENTION of this condition happening to your horse. 


58 pages of detailed information:

Understanding 'kissing spine'

Common signs and treatment 


Core strength 


Ground work / in-hand work

Ridden exercises 

Long term management 

GOALS for rehabilitation 

What is 'Kissing Spine' in the horse?

Detailed explanation of Kissing Spine, anatomy, common signs, diagnosis and treatments 


ALL of the groundwork techniques to use: stretches, mobilisations, in-hand work, training aids AND explanation about POSTURE 

Ridden exercises 

A series of ridden exercises that will engage your horses core PLUS goals for rehabilitation, and the long term 

Testimonial from "CLM" 

"I purchased the Kissing Spine ebook when our TB mare was just about to have surgery. She had 7 ligament snips and is now 4 weeks post op. 

The ebook was very informative and interesting, with lots of diagrams and photos to back up the well written text. 

We are using the book, in conjunction with our own Therapist's Rehabilitation Programme and it is proving invaluable in between visits. 

I would highly recommend this ebook to anyone whose horse has KS. "

Testimonial: 'L.D."

I am glad that I purchased Kissing Spine Ebook. I find it very interesting, informative and useful. Thank you. 


Download my 58 page Ebook = just £14.99

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If you are looking for more detailed help, please see my Training page for my 'Engage your horses core' online training course and members group. This includes lessons and videos to show you HOW to do the exercises. 

Kissing Spine - Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies

My 58 page ebook will help you to help your horse - whether rehabilitating or looking for prevention strategies.

Let me help you to fully understand why your horse may have been diagnosed with 'Kissing Spine', to learn about all of the techniques that you can use to rehabilitate your horse, including ridden exercises, and to work out your GOALS for rehabilitation and the long term. 

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