Poor Posture & Crookedness in your horse? 

Unlock your horses body through the magic of core strengthening!

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In this Free 30 minute webinar, Jenny Adamson, Equine Physio and Rehab expert, uses her 12 years professional experience of transforming horses, to help you...

Understand and overcome the blocks in the way of your horse being his / her BEST SELF


✅ Learn the SECRETS to help your horse fast track their recovery after injury


✅ Learn what will help you elevate your riding experience every day, unlocking your horse's body and abilities!

Hi I'm Jenny Adamson

My 12 years as an Equine Professional (Physio, Rehab & Spinal Manipulation), and 40 years of horse ownership combine to bring you this UNIQUE training to help you understand WHY your horse is struggling with ridden work and soundness issues!

I speak for the horses, and help horse owners all over the world to refine and evolve their training methods, so that they can bring the best out of their horse, through applying correct and effective PROVEN strengthening strategies, and get back to enjoying your time together! 

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Donna Robinson

I found Jenny on Facebook after my mare was diagnosed with kissing spine. I didn’t know much about it and was looking for more information. After listening to a week-long talk from Jenny on posture, I decided to join her membership group. I started implementing her exercises with all of my horses and the changes in their posture and core strength has been remarkable. I enjoy her live talks, and it’s so nice to be able to ask questions and actually get them answered. Jenny is so accessible to everyone in the group and her encouragement is fantastic.

Caryn Parli

I found Jenny while researching some of the struggles I was having with my three horses. Jenny really gives horse owners the tools they need to rehab and maintain their horses. After applying Jenny's exercises for just a month, my equine chiropractor commented they were better than she had ever seen them. I can't say enough good things about Jenny and the content she has put together for her members. I am forever grateful!

I'm ready to learn more about unlocking my horses body!

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