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ENGAGE YOUR HORSES CORE! Train your horse to work over his back, and transform his posture with my super effective, straight forward exercises and lessons

I will teach you HOW to improve your horses posture by training him to engage his core and work over his back!

My series of Core Activation and In Hand exercises are straight forward, easy to learn, super effective for your horse, and you can implement them straight away! 


No more feeling stuck with your horse, feeling like you are on your own, trying to work it out yourself!

I'm going to teach you practical solutions that you can implement STRAIGHT AWAY!

Enroll in my course 'Engage Your Horses Core' to learn my simple steps to core engagement and postural transformation, along with my private membership group support to help along the way!

For just one payment of £99 you will get immediate access to the course content, access to my private members group, and my regular live Q&A! 


Are you: 

  • Feeling stuck with your horse?
  • Unsure how to get him working correctly?
  • Unsure of how to get him working over his back?
  • Don't know how to train him to use his core? 

But you know that you need to change something?

  • You would like to enjoy riding more?
  • You would like your horse to be easier to ride and lunge? 
  • You would like to change your horses posture? 
  • You want to train your horse to work over his back? 
  • You would like your horse to be more comfortable, supple and strong in his back?
  • You are rehabilitating your horse after 'Kissing Spine' diagnosis? 
  • You would like your horse to be more symmetrical to ride? 
  • You would like to increase your competition scores? 

Let me share with you the benefits of core engagement for your horse:

  • Your horse will start working over his back
  • You will start to correct his posture from hollow back and high head carriage, to a lifted core and back! 
  • He will start to lower his neck and use his body more fully in exercise 
  • Your horse will be more comfortable to ride as his back becomes stronger 
  • Reduction of back pain 
  • Healthier, stronger and more flexible spine and back muscles 
  • Separation of dorsal spinous processes (the bones that touch in 'Kissing Spine') 
  • Your horse will become more relaxed and more comfortable 
  • Create more equal bend through body 
  • Easier to ride and lunge! 

If you follow my simple steps you will be able to train your horse to start engaging his core, and working over his back!

Hi I'm Jenny and I'm an Equine Vet Physiotherapist

I'm super passionate about horses, and love teaching horse owners how to transform their horses posture! I developed my 4 step system whilst rehabilitating MY OWN horse as well as clients horses. 

I'm an Equine Vet Physiotherapist and Spinal Manipulation Therapist and have been working professionally with horses for over 10 years. 

I spend most of my time with horses looking at ways to improve how they move and how they carry themselves - and it's all down to CORE ENGAGEMENT! 

Once horse are engaging their core properly and using their back, they really do transform, its amazing to see it happen! And I have seen it time after time - simple steps implemented on a daily basis really can transform your horses posture! 

I have been through this process with my own horse too, and he is SO MUCH MORE comfortable in his back, stronger in his core and back, his posture is transformed, and he is so much EASIER to ride now that he is engaging his core properly!  


Let's breakdown The 'Engage Your Horses Core' Course and show you what you will learn...


Discover the single most important exercise you need to know to unlock your horses body! 

In Module 1 you will learn: 

How to assess your horses posture 

The single most important correction to make with your horse (I use this on DAY 1 with EVERY horse I work with!)

How to reset your horses body 



The secret to activating your horses core...without him cheating! 

In module 2 you will learn: 

HOW to train your horses deep core muscles with simple core activation exercises to do daily in the stable, that will take you less than 5 minutes!

The secret to improving your horses posture without force

All of the tips and tricks AND cheats from the horse!! 

MODULE THREE: Discover the training exercises that really work! 

Discover my simple training strategies for retraining your horses posture, without the overwhelm! 

The easiest way to train your horse to engage his core for himself! 

Discover how to set yourself and your horse up for success! 




How to fit and use specific core training aids (my recommendations), without the fear of getting it wrong! 

How to strengthen your horses NEW posture, without breaking the bank on equipment! 

Discover the 2 training aids that I recommend and use, so that you don't have to use 'trial and error' with lots of expensive 'tools' mistakes.





Start straight away, and take the course totally at your own pace with lessons and videos to show to HOW to do all of the exercises. 


Access to the private members group for this course on Facebook, for the lifetime of the group, with regular Q&A sessions with Jenny! 


Downloads of all of the key points, with reminders and pictures of the exercises that you can print off and take to the yard with you! 

PLUS my carrot stretches Ebook!


***See what type of results my course students are already having with this programme...


"I’ve just been part of Jenny’s first online course... it was amazing! Jenny explains things so thoroughly, the instructions are really clear and easy to follow. So much helpful information too. I’ve 3 horses at different levels but everything is easy to tailor to each of them. I highly recommend this course and Jenny of course!"

Sarah Bamber, Equine Sports Massage Therapist

"I've completed Jenny's online course "engage your horses core" - it has been invaluable to me as my horse has had a kissing spines diagnosis and so keeping his core strong is a necessity. The course has 4 modules, the information is easy to learn and to start to implement, even for a horse like mine. The tasks are simple but effective and because they only take a few minutes they are very reasonable to be done regularly without overwhelm to you or your horse. You can ask Jenny any questions you might have surrounding these topics, is a lovely person and will do her very best to help support you and your horse through the process. I highly recommend this course xx"

Jacqui Kelly

"Having recently been part of her online group and purchasing her online book for rehab, I can highly recommend Jenny Adamson, she is very supportive and helpful in the group. I highly recommend anyone looking for support when rehabbing or just wishing to learn more about true core engagement and correct way of going"

Tracey Duncan

"I recently signed up for Jenny’s course to engage your horses core, I’m so glad I did! I’ve got two retired horses and a younger horse who I’ve only had a few months and all three have benefited from what I have learnt. The course is split into bite size videos which you can watch as and when you get time and the exercises are clearly explained - including how to stop your horse cheating! The exercises themselves are very simple and most can be done in the stable - I’ve found doing them just before bed when I tuck my horses in for the night has worked well as they really do only take a few minutes. The horse who has benefitted the most has been my retired mare who has had a few bad injuries which have left her with stringhalt - she is now much more comfortable through her back and you can see she is more relaxed and happier than ever. The results were evident after just a few weeks! There is an added bonus that you can ask questions on the fb page at any time and Jenny helps you work through any problems you encounter!"

Alison Millar

"I have just completed Jenny Adamson’s wonderful program with the goal to improve my mare’s posture so that she naturally engages her abdominal muscles to build her topline. I was originally very anxious as this is all new to me and my mare is recovering from Kissing Spine surgery the pressure was on to do it right! Jenny made it so easy and walked with me (virtually) every the step of the way! The group of other “students” many of whom had similar issues serve as an excellent support system. I highly recommend her program and look forward to meeting you on our FB group!"

Athena Ferri

"I am so pleased I signed up for Jenny’s ‘Engage Your Horses Core’ course, I have learned some fantastic new techniques. The course has been really easy to follow and I have found time to be able to slot the exercises into my routine. I have four horses with different needs and backgrounds to look after. This means I am often rushing from one thing to the next, so having the bite sized modules has really worked for me as well as the horses. The modules are simple to follow and implement and the horses are all responding well to the exercises. I love the fact that I am helping my horses core strength and developing habits and posture that will hopefully enable them to stay fit and well throughout their working lives and into retirement. Having a regular hands on approach also means you can pick up any tightness or changes that might indicate the horse has had a slip or strain in the field..... that’s the time to call Jenny out to have a more in depth look! Thank you Jenny"

Sam Campling
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Frequently Asked Questions

Be reassured this is very common. I am going to simplify what you need to do! 

YES! I am going to teach you exactly what you need to do, WHY, and HOW! 

YES - in fact this course will be one of the MOST beneficial things that you can do to help your horse. Consult your vet and/or physio to confirm that your horse is able to start a core engagement program. 

I will be able to answer your questions and help you in the membership group! 

No, you can take the course at your own pace and in your own time! The course content is accessed via a secure login to my website. Just come into the members group if you need help.

The only equipment you will need to buy is for the core training aids section. I recommend 2 training aids, you can pick one or both or none! And they are both well priced. 

YES! I have simplified the exercises so that anyone can learn how to do them effectively and with confidence! 

Any horse owner that would like to improve their horses comfort levels, core strength and posture

Any horse owner going through rehabilitation with their horse, to transform their posture and core strength 

Any horse owner going through Kissing Spine rehabilitation, or managing a horse with Kissing Spine long term 

Equine Therapists looking to gain some further knowledge around this specialist topic 

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