Workshops for you and your horse! 

Learn Core Exercises, Simple In Hand Work, Corrective Lunging

Welcome to my new Workshops page! 

Dates and booking information for my in-person Day Workshops are below. 

*Bring your own horse 

*Work with my horse for the training!

*Come as a spectator! 



MONDAY 20th JUNE: Core Exercises 

MONDAY 18th JULY: In Hand Exercises 

MONDAY 8th AUGUST: Corrective Lunging 

Learn Core Exercises, Simple In Hand Work, Corrective Lunging.

Improve your horses posture, core strength, flexibility and movement! 

*Bring your own horse, and learn how to exercise your horse correctly and effectively. 

*OR join for the day and work with my horse who is very experienced in all of these areas! 

*OR come along and spectate! 

Coffee and cake included!! 


Come and join these fun, relaxed workshop days where you will learn LOTS of new exercises to implement when you go home! 

I'm a fully qualified and experienced Equine Physiotherapist and love teaching these important skills to horse owners! I'm all about sympathetic, corrective training methods and working at the foundation levels with horses, to enable them to be the very best version of themselves. 


Core Exercises 

I will explain why we should do these important exercises, and demonstrate the exercises. 

I teach both core mobilisation and core activation exercises. 

These exercises are the ones that I use and recommend daily! They help to improve your horses posture, increase flexibility, help to develop core strength, and improve your horses posture and symmetry. 

Simple In-Hand Work 

Learn the foundation exercises that are the most important to learn and teach to your horse, at the beginning of your journey into in-hand work/groundwork.

Once you have mastered these exercises, it's easy to learn lateral exercises in-hand! 

Improve your horses symmetry and flexibility! 

Corrective Lunging 

Lunging is quite an art! It can be a really useful form of exercise BUT it's important to know how to teach your horse to move correctly on the lunge, so that they work over the back in good posture. 

I will teach you some simple techniques to help you and your horse with corrective lunging. 

Improve your horses posture, core strength and movement! 

Details of the day

DATES: Monday 20th June, Monday 18th July, Monday 8th August 

TIME: 10am - 12pm - 2 hour workshops  

LOCATION: Chebney Bank Barn, School Lane, Lower Leigh, Staffordshire ST10 4SS

Morning sessions: introductions and coffee. Then talk, demonstration, and individual help in getting the techniques right with your horse. 

MONDAY 20th JUNE: Core Exercises 

MONDAY 18th JULY: In Hand Exercises 

MONDAY 8th AUGUST: Corrective Lunging 


These are small group workshops, so please only bring your horse if you are comfortable that your horse will be happy and confident in this setting! 

The arena is 60x25m so we have plenty of space to work. 

Stables are available - please contact me to discuss.  

Please contact me with some details about yourself and your horse prior to the workshop date! 

And if you would like to use my horse for the day, again please contact me to discuss this. 

*Scroll to the bottom of the page to email me*

Bring own horse


  • Learn from me HOW to do the exercises 
  • Then apply to your own horse 
  • I will be able to help you as we go along! 
  • Lovely training day out with your horse! 
  • Coffee and cake included! 

Use Azuro / another horse


  • Work with my horse for the day
  • Experience the feeling of the exercises with an experienced horse 
  • Useful experience to take home with you 
  • Coffee and cake included! 



  • Come along and spectate for the day! 
  • Useful experience to stand back and watch other horses and their owners working together 
  • See my training methods in action, apply when you get home! 
  • Coffee and cake included! 


If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact me through the form below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can...Jenny x