ENGAGE YOUR HORSES CORE! Transform your horses posture with my simple 4 step system

I will teach you HOW to change your horses posture to get him working over his back! 



No more feeling stuck with your horse, feeling like you are on your own, trying to work it out yourself!

I'm going to teach you practical solutions that you can implement STRAIGHT AWAY!

Enroll in my course 'Engage Your Horses Core' to learn my 4 simple steps to core engagement, along with membership group support to help along the way! 

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Are you: 

  • Feeling stuck with your horse?
  • Unsure how to get him working correctly?
  • Unsure of how to get him working over his back?
  • Scared to change what you are doing now? 

But you know that you need to change something?

  • You would like to enjoy riding more?
  • You would like your horse to be easier to ride and lunge? 
  • You would like to change your horses posture? 
  • You would like your horse to be more comfortable, supple and strong in his back?
  • You would like your horse to be more symmetrical to ride? 
  • You would like to increase your competition scores? 

Let me share with you the benefits of core engagement for your horse:

  • Your horse will start working over his back
  • You will start to correct his posture from hollow back and high head carriage, to a lifted core and back! 
  • He will start to lower his neck and use his body more fully in exercise 
  • Your horse will be more comfortable to ride as his back is moving not locked 
  • Reduction of back pain 
  • Healthier and more flexible spine and back muscles 
  • Your horse will become more relaxed and more comfortable 
  • Create more equal bend through body 
  • Easier to ride and lunge! 

If you follow my simple 4 step system you will be able to train your horse to start engaging his core, and working over his back!

Hi I'm Jenny and I'm an Equine Vet Physiotherapist

I'm super passionate about horses, and love teaching horse owners how to transform their horses posture! I developed my 4 step system whilst rehabilitating MY OWN horse as well as clients horses. 

I'm an Equine Vet Physiotherapist and Spinal Manipulation Therapist and have been working professionally with horse for over 10 years. 

I spend most of my time with horses looking at ways to improve how they move and how they carry themselves - and it's all down to CORE ENGAGEMENT! 

Once horse are engaging their core properly and using their back, they really do transform, its amazing to see it happen! And I have seen it time after time - simple steps implemented on a daily basis really can transform your horses posture! 

I have been through this process with my own horse too, and he is SO MUCH EASIER to ride now that he is engaging his core properly! 


Yes I would like to join the wait list

Let's breakdown The 'Engage Your Horses Core' Course and show you what you will learn...


Learn WHY and HOW to correct your horses posture from hollow back and high head carriage, to a lifted core and back! 

It's 1 simple exercise - but it's something that most horses can't do !! 




HOW to get your horse engaging his core with simple exercises to do in the stable, that will take you less than 5 minutes! 

WHICH stretches to use and WHY 

HOW to do them! 

All of the tips and tricks AND cheats from the horse!! 


I have developed a simple set of in-hand exercises that are done at standstill and then walk, to get your horse engaging those core muscles for himself! 

WHICH exercises to use and WHY

HOW to do them! 



WHY we should consider using core training aids 

WHICH ONES to use 

HOW to FIT them and USE them

My recommendations as a physio! 


Take the course at your own pace with lessons and videos to show to HOW to do all of the exercises. 

Access to the content for the life of the course! 


Access to the private members group for 2 months, with regular Q&A sessions with Jenny! 


Downloads of all of the key points, with reminders and pictures of the exercises that you can print off and take to the yard with you! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Be reassured this is very common. I am going to simplify what you need to do! 

YES! I am going to teach you exactly what you need to do, WHY, and HOW! 

YES - in fact this course will be one of the MOST beneficial things that you can do to help your horse. Consult your vet and/or physio to confirm that your horse is able to start a core engagement program. 

I will be able to answer your questions and help you in the membership group! 

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