Core Exercises for your horse: Online Course

Train your horse to do simple yet super effective core exercises, to improve his core strength, posture, symmetry and flexibility.

This online course will explain all about your horses posture, why this is so important to consider, and how we can address poor posture and back pain in the horse, in a simplified yet super effective way. 

You will learn the 2 sets of exercises that I use, recommend and teach: Core Mobilisation & Core Activation Exercises. Includes videos of me doing the exercises with my horse Azuro!

Over time, these exercises can transform your horses posture, core strength, flexibility and symmetry! 

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Is this you / your horse...?

  • Your horse is stiff through his body? 
  • Struggles to work over his back? 
  • One rein stiffer than the other?
  • Your horse finds movements easier in one direction than the other
  • Possibly even holding their head and neck to the outside of the circle
  • You are going through kissing spine rehabilitation?
  • Or bringing your horse back into work? 
  • Weak core 
  • Lacking topline muscle 
  • Continual sore back 
  • Poor posture - hollow outline 


  • You are committed to improving your horse 
  • You would like to learn from a professional, HOW to do the core exercises EFFECTIVELY
  • You would like your horse to be more comfortable, supple and strong in his back and core?
  • You need to teach your horse to stretch down into long and low posture
  • You would like your horse to be more symmetrical to ride?
  • You would like to increase your competition scores?

Let me share with you the benefits of implementing core exercises for your horse

  • You will start to improve your horses flexibility
  • You will then start to improve his posture as he develops core strength 
  • Your horse can go from hollow back to lifted, strong back as his core gets stronger 
  • He will start to lower his neck and use his body more fully in exercise, working over the back 
  • You can start to lighten the forehand, by mobilising and strengthening the thoracic sling muscles
  • Your horse will become more symmetrical in his body, with more equal bend 
  • Your horse will be more comfortable to ride as his back becomes stronger
  • Healthier, stronger and more flexible spine and back muscles
  • Your horse will become more relaxed and more comfortable
  • Easier to ride and lunge!


  • Learn all about why your horses posture is so important
  • Poor posture and crookedness are natural for the horse, so we need to work on these issues!
  • How to improve your horses posture through specific core engagement exercises  


  • Small exercises used to mobilise the core, back, pelvis and spine
  • Each of the 6 exercises that I use on a daily basis.
  • A description of each exercise, how to set up and do each exercise, plus a video to show you HOW to do the exercises.
  • PLUS all of my tips and tricks! 


  • Better know as 'carrot stretch' exercises!
  • Use daily to switch on core muscles, and over time strengthen the core 
  • All of the ways that your horse might be cheating! (spoiler alert - he WILL BE!) 
  • I will explain for each of the exercises, what might happen, and how to correct and improve each exercise.

About Jenny 

Hi I'm Jenny Adamson, I'm an Equine Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Spinal Manipulation Therapist AND horse owner!!

I'm super passionate about horses, have been around them nearly all of my life, and have my own horse Azuro, who is in all of my photos and courses!

I have been working professionally with horses for over 10 years, and I love teaching horse owners how to improve their horses posture, core strength, movement and way of going!

I spend most of my time with horses looking at ways to improve how they move and how they carry themselves - and have found specific daily core engagement work is really effective!

10 minutes spent daily on these specific exercises that I teach can be transformational for your horse, in terms of improved posture, increased core strength, stronger back and core, improved topline muscle, more equal bend, more symmetrical body, more flexible, and much more comfortable in their body. 

Join 'Core Exercises for your horse' online training and get started today! 

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