Springtime checks for your horse!

exercise Mar 01, 2021

🐴☀️🐴  As we have had some lovely days that feel like Spring is on it’s way, I thought this week would be a good time to be thinking about Springtime checks for our horses!

Even with the best planning and motivation in place, I’m fairly sure most of us haven’t been doing as much exercise with our horses over the winter months, as we do the rest of the year! So if you need to go through some 'bringing back into work' steps for your horses, I have all of that coming up this month on my page and in my Practical Tips group!

If our horses have been stabled more, done less exercise, may have lost weight and/or muscle, may have been a bit stiff over the winter, there are plenty of reasons to have your horse checked out before you start increasing their exercise!

🐴🐴 The checks that I recommend are…

🐴 Body check: if you are about to start increasing your horses exercise and riding more, a full body musculoskeletal check is ideal to make sure there are no sore spots or asymmetries in the body
🐴 Saddle check: hugely important if your horse has changed shape, lost or gained muscle
🐴 Teeth: this is an annual check for most horses, springtime can be ideal to be having their teeth checked prior to increasing work, in case of sharp edges
🐴 Vet check: either a performance check or an MOT, either way it’s good to have your vet check your horse over so you’re ready to move into increased exercise
🐴 Farrier: if you are about to increase exercise, it’s worth a check in with your farrier too!

With my springtime checks with my clients, I’m usually advising some of the above, and altering exercise plans etc, to get everyone ready for some fun times over the spring and summer!!

🐴💪 If you’re looking for help with building a core strengthening plan for your horse, then do have a look at my online training ‘Engage your horses core’ where I show you how to do all of the daily exercises that I recommend for postural improvement and core strength! 🐴💪

Engage your horses core: online training and members group

I hope this is helpful, and as always, do get in touch if I can help you with any of this!

Jenny x


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