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Posture, Core Strength & Crookedness in the horse: March 2022 Free Training

training Mar 02, 2022

How it all fits together...

Next week (7-11th March 2022) I will be running my 5 Day Free Online Training Event for the 3rd time, on Posture, Core Strength & Natural Crookedness in the horse, so wanted to write a brief blog post as an introduction to what we will be delving into next week!

The downside about horses first...

Horses aren't evolved or designed to be ridden or do the sports that we would like to do with them. We as humans decided to domesticate horses, and they are quite accommodating partners for us! BUT this doesn't mean that they are suitable for riding unfortunately. 

In the wild, they learn to 'carry on' even if in pain, so they aren't seen as the weak member of the herd by the tiger/wolf etc (predator). Which can lead to tensing/compensating etc to be able to just carry on going about their business. 


We then have the issues of artificial surfaces, modern training methods, rushed training with young horses, and horses never being trained to use their body correctly/symmetrically. 

And then lack of correct strengthening work, poor posture, lack of core strength.

Plus the horses left- or right- handedness, not being addressed in training, so we start getting uneven wear and tear in the body AND holding/compensation patterns. 

These are all NATURAL ISSUES for the horse. 

As you might be able to tell, these are all issues that I'm passionate about teaching to horse owners! It's information that we all need to be aware of, as ALL HORSES are crooked, and have the potential for back pain and kissing spine. 

So how does all of this fit together...?

If all horses are naturally crooked and have the potential for poor posture and back pain, just due to gravity itself, we need to look closely at where our individual horses are struggling, and look to change/improve our training methods, to improve our horses posture, core strength and crookedness. 

Only then should we be considering riding them, and not before. 

Now the positive side...

There is a LOT we can do to help our horses! 

I teach methods that are sympathetic to the horse, and a more sophisticated approach, starting from the ground up. 

I can help you with assessing your horse, with all of this information in mind, so that you can actually see and understand what is happening in your horses body, why he might have been struggling in his work, and then help you with adapting your training and management strategies to improve your horse - so that he can be the very best version of himself, with your ongoing help! 

JOIN MY 5 DAY FREE TRAINING EVENT: next week 7-11th March 2022 I am running a training session every evening at 7pm UK time, to cover all of this in detail, and help you with assessing your horses, so that you can see what is actually happening in their body. I will then explain what you need to do to improve your horse. 

REGISTER HERE: 5 Day Free Training Registration

I would love for you to join in this event, the last 2 times I ran this training, the attendees had some amazing 'light bulb' moments in their understanding of their own horses! 

Hope you see you there!  

ANY QUESTIONS? Just go to the Contact page on the menu bar above, and you can email me directly from there. 


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