Core engagement: the missing piece of the jigsaw!

core engagement Mar 26, 2021

In my work as an Equine Physiotherapist / Rehabilitation Specialist / Spinal Manipulation Therapist, many of the horses that I see need postural improvement, to transform them from a hollow, tight back, to a strengthened body and lifted core and back, which enables the horse to ‘work over the back’ in a long and low posture.

This is all achieved through a combination of treatment and specific exercises and work routines to retrain the horse and develop core strength!

Postural improvement through core strength, however, can quite often be the missing piece of the jigsaw with horses!

You horse might be super fit and strong but still dropping his back or tensing under the rider. Your horse might be trained for dressage, but can still be avoiding using his core and back properly.

So as we are bringing our horses back into work now that spring is arriving, or increasing our horses exercise levels, core strengthening work can and should be a key part of your plan! If you miss this part out, your horse will never be able to work fully over his back - the middle part of his back (where we sit) in particular needs mobilising and strengthening, on a daily basis!

Benefits of core strengthening work with your horse:

  • Your horse will start working over his back
  • You will start to correct his posture from hollow back and high head carriage, to a lifted core and back! 
  • He will start to lower his neck and use his body more fully in exercise 
  • Your horse will be more comfortable to ride as his back becomes stronger 
  • Reduction of back pain 
  • Healthier, stronger and more flexible spine and back muscles 
  • Separation of dorsal spinous processes (the bones that touch in 'Kissing Spine') 
  • Your horse will become more relaxed and more comfortable 
  • Create more equal bend through body 
  • Easier to ride and lunge! 

If you would like help implementing some daily core strengthening exercises with your horse, consider joining my online training ‘Engage your horses core’ which is my 4 steps to core engagement with your horse, straight forward but super effective exercises that will fit into your daily routine, and access to the private members group for help, support and motivation! TRAINING: Engage your horses core Training

Any questions just get in touch! Jenny x


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