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core engagement Apr 16, 2021

If I could recommend just ONE thing for you to do, to do to improve your horses posture and way of going, it would be to add daily CARROT STRETCHES to your routine! 

'Carrot stretch' exercises activate the horses core muscles: their abdominals and waist muscles. These muscles are the direct opposite to the big back muscles, so if we activate and then strengthen the abdominal and waist muscles, we can have a direct influence on the horses back in terms of posture and strength. 

These are small exercises that should be done daily, they don't take long, only 5 minutes, and your horse will love doing them! 

Vets recommend 'carrot stretches' and they are an important set of exercises for horses going through Kissing Spine rehabilitation. 


  • Over time you can improve your horses posture
  • Your horse will develop a stronger core
  • He will also begin to lengthen and lower his neck 
  • You will equalise his bend through his body 
  • He will become more supple and flexible 
  • He will become more even on both reins 
  • His way of going will improve as he can lengthen his topline and frame
  • Your horse will be more comfortable in his body 


There is one caveat though...there is a bit of an art to actually doing them effectively. Your horse might cheat, by grabbing the treat and moving away, or twisting his body, or moving his legs instead of lifting his core...

Would you like me to show you the exercises that I use on a daily basis? And show you not only HOW to do the exercises, but explain and show you what CHEATING looks like?! 

I have 2 ways to help you to incorporate these super effective exercises into your daily routine with your horse...

EBOOK: I have written an ebook to delve in and explain and show you how to do the carrot stretches exercises that I find most effective. CLICK HERE: Ebooks page

ONLINE TRAINING: I have also included a whole module on these core activation exercises in my training course 'Engage your horses core' to explain and show you in video format how to do them PROPERLY so that your horse can't cheat!! The training also includes posture, in hand exercises and core training aids AND a private members group where you can ask questions and I do a weekly Q&A. CLICK HERE: Online Training

I would love to hear how you get on with incorporating carrot stretches into your horses routine, like I said at the beginning of this post, if I could only choose 1 thing to recommend to you, it would be CARROT STRETCHES!! They are SO good for your horses body, and they do enjoy the interaction! 

Jenny x


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