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education Sep 02, 2020

For all the new Arcequine owners! I thought I would write an article about how I use the Arc and some hints and tips as lots of you have taken up the current special discount offer…

As of May 2020 the less than half price deal is still on – contact me for details if you would like to purchase a unit!

I have used the Arcequine for years, on my own horse and horses coming in to my yard for rehabilitation. I have seen improvements in soft tissue injuries such as suspensory ligament injuries and tendon injuries, wounds, arthritis, stiffness levels, post surgery, sarcoids, as well as horses being more relaxed whilst wearing the Arcequine, and a cumulative relaxing effect for horses on box rest. I quite often see them dosing if stabled while wearing it!

It runs really well alongside vet treatment, and a number of vets that I work with have been really surprised at how good the injuries look on scan in terms of healing after use of the Arcequine. One vet actually had to check she was scanning the correct leg at rescan as she couldn’t see the injury on ultrasound and had to go searching for it! True story!

So just a quick recap on what the Arcequine is actually doing…

The first part of the programme is reducing inflammation at the injury site but also throughout the whole body. Inflammation is always present at injury sites and sometimes the body gets ‘stuck’ in this part of the process. Inflammation is a natural response to injury, and is a chemical response, but we need it to resolve and sometimes it doesn’t. The Arcequine will help the body’s natural healing process to restart and remove the inflammatory chemicals away and out of the system so that the injury can then be repaired properly.

The second part of the programme is the repair part, the Arcequine is basically kickstarting the body’s natural cell repair process to help it to work as well as it possibly can.

The programme runs for 6 weeks in total and you will use the machine for its 3 hour programme daily. That’s a lot of therapy!

Now some practical tips…

  • These are tips that I have found through using the Arcequine for a number of years
  • Use a fleece stable bandage over the Arcequine to protect the machine and keep it still and connected to the leg
  • Use a 10p size blob of Arcequine gel on each pad, this helps to get an electrical connection through the hair to the pad
  • Wipe the gel off the leg after each use
  • Try to remove the Arcequine as soon as the 3 hour cycle has finished
  • Use the Arcequine on an uninjured leg, and rotate between uninjured legs
  • The Arcequine is treating the whole body so wherever the injury is, it is being treated
  • The Arcequine is repairing micro damage (this is what happens naturally when we exercises our horses, at a microscopic level) all of the time it’s in use on the horse, so I like to use it immediately after exercise to ensure that any micro damage caused during exercise is treated straight away
  • If using the Arcequine on an uninjured horse, run through the 6 week programme first to ensure there is no inflammation anywhere in the body before moving into maintenance mode
  • Once you have run through the 6 week plan, the Arcequine can be used for maintenance, either each weekend, or on the way to/from competitions, or after strenuous sessions
  • The 6 week plan can be used at any time, so for a horse with several issues you could run through the plan in full a couple of times a year
  • For best results the Arcequine plan should be used alongside a progressive rehabilitation plan for injuries and alongside your vets treatment
  • The Arcequine is not a substitute for veterinary care and treatment and you should always be working with a clear veterinary diagnosis

I hope this article has been helpful, if you have any questions about how to use the Arcequine please message me!

And I love to hear your success stories! So please get in touch to let me know how you get on with using your Arcequine.


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